CYBERTRON: The Original Pilot for VR Troopers, Starring Jason David Frank!!!

It would seem the famous Chris Funaro walks the path of justice once again. He and his crack team of individuals scoured the planet and un-earthed this relic from days of 90′s past. The original pilot for VR Troopers which legend has it, was suppose to star Jason David Frank before he blew up as, some would say, the greatest Power Ranger of all time. Click the above to see then drop on in to the Power Chamber to discuss what almost was….

  • James Burgos

    Wow crazy I wouldve never thought that Jason frank would play the lead in another spin off
    to power rangers he is the greatest power ranger of all time , next to Austin ST John go go power rangers for life :0)

  • Lucifergoth

    I guess it was never as famous as the rangers themselves.