[HnT] Demon Hunter Mitsurugi Episode 01

Fansub group Hi No Tori has made a surprise release of a 1973 classic, Demon Hunter Mitsurugi series.

Demon Hunter Mitsurugi is a little known 13 episode tokusatsu show, which aired in 1971. One of the reasons the show was quite memorable was because it was one of the first cases of a tokusatsu using stop motion for the creatures. The show has similarities between Ultraman and other tokusatsu at the time, giving the lead hero a specific limit of transformed time, allowing the film makers to cut costs down on their special effects and as well as giving the story another element to add.

Hi No Tori have self confessed to being a fansub group whose mission is “bridge the gap between old and new tokusastsu”, initially starting on work on Kamen Rider Amazon, which recently they have finished.

The show is a definite treat for old school fans and a good show to be introduced too.

The first episode is available through Megaupload.


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