DX OOO Driver Review by ShukuenShinobi!

A fantastic review for what looks like a pretty kickass toy. Here’s the breakdown from ShukenShinobi:

OOO Man! The thing you have all been waiting for is here! Or at least most of you. The cool ones anyway. I was one of the lucky bunch to snag a OOO Driver off AmiAmi before it kinda upped and vanished like the HurricaneBlue. Get the joke and you win nothing. It has finally arrived, and after a day of playing with it, I can easily say that it’s one of the most entertaining Drivers to be released. Yes, it’s arguably better than the Double Driver for a few particular reasons which I will cover later. Just how cool is it? Let’s find out.

Let’s go over the contents of this lovely packaging first. Actually, scratch that, it’s box time. The box is done in a nice blue color to match the Medajalibur’s main color scheme, and features a nice shot of TaToBa OOO and the Driver itself. TaToBa and TakaKiriBa stand proudly on the sides, while the back shows you how to use the damn thing. Once you crack it open, a collection of various things sit in the cardboard box. In total, it comes packed with 4 Core Medals, 2 Belt Sides, Belt Connector, The Driver, The Medal Scanner, A Medal Holder, and a Holder for the Medal Scanner, both of which attach to the Belt. Yes, they crammed all that in there. Pop it all together, and go have fun.

The Medal Holder holds six Medals. This isn’t enough, therefore it sucks. The belt pieces are pretty standard by now. Let’s move on to the Medal Scanner itself. It looks like a giant Medal, which can be mistaken for a coin purse, so take that as you will. The top features three red LEDS that light up as you scan the three Medals. The prism in the middle has seven different colors for each tribe of Greeed. Red (Birds), Yellow (Cats), Green (Insects), White (Land Animals), Blue (Sea Animals), Purple (Dinosaurs), and Orange (Reptiles). Sure, we haven’t seen Greeeds for Purple or Orange, but it’s safe to say they will appear in due time. Insert three Medals into the belt, swipe them, and enjoy. Swipe the same three Medals and you get “Scanning Charge!” OOO’s version of a final attack. If you want to hear what Medal you are scanning, pause before each Medal and it will say the name. Keep in mind it will say it at the end too, so this feature is pretty much pointless.

Speaking of Medals, this comes with four Medals of the Core variety. Taka (Hawk), Tora (Tiger), Batta (Grasshopper), and Kamakiri (Mantis). The other Core Medals will be released in three-Medal sets throughout the run of the show. This lets you make TaToBa (Taka-Tora-Batta) and TakaKiriBa (Taka-Kamakiri-Batta). Each Medals lights up the Medal Scanner with their particular color, which is really neat. Another fun thing to do is to glitch the device. If you take two or three Medals, and rub them against the scanner, it will get confused, and occasionally read it as a different Medal. Using Batta and Kamakiri, I was able to get Kuwagata to make the full green combo. Using the Taka and Tako Cell Medals got me various things like Cow, Panda, and Whale Cell.

That’s all to really say about the device. Because of the Medal Scanner containing all the sounds, and the fact you can glitch it like you can, gives this Driver a huge level of entertainment not found in the Double Driver or DecaDriver. It’s almost like a game. The thing about the Double Driver was that you needed GaiaMemories, and even then, you could only do a combination of two, and your choices were rather limited. With the three-medal gimmick of the OOO Driver, the possibilities are almost endless, and with so many other, Non-OOO Animals to be found in the Scanner, it really does add a whole new level of playability. Despite my skepticism, it’s one of the coolest Drivers I own, and I really can’t wait for more Medals to be released down the line.

Check out a photo gallery of the OOO Driver here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157624964982672/

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