Ultraman Noa Returns In Ultraman Zero The Movie!

Oh shit! It's Noa!

Nexus fans, here’s a holiday gift for you from Telebi-kun. There were hints about this dropped in the film’s OST track names, but now we have full confirmation that Ultraman Noa will appear in some capacity in the upcoming Ultraman Zero the Movie. It’s not clear what Noa is going to do, exactly, but Zero is getting a new form in the film that looks a bit reminiscent of Noa. Maybe Noa’s going to give the new kid a hand in fighting what appears to an entire universe full of enemies?

Thanks to forum user alternate-zer0!

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  • http://www.ihaxel.tk ihaxel

    Wow, noa looks evil.

  • Cosmos-burnproject

    Ok.I’ve seen the movie and manage to get some ‘internal source’ of how Ultraman Noa came into the picture.

    It appears that Ultraman Noa is the first Ultra – an angel that came to earth to fight Dark Zagi in the ancient times (Zagi the 1st – which reincarnated in the final last series of Ultraman Nexus) So, job done and he rest in peace (in that cave)

    Nexus and Tiga or Next and Tiga or Noa and Tiga are related – I’m guessing that Nexus is the descendant of Next and Next is the descendant of Ultraman Noa and Tiga is the descendant of Nexus- that’s the reason why the way Noa was resurrected is the same as Tiga was resurrected in Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant and Tiga and Dyna – you can see the similarities between Tiga and Noa – ancient ‘x-files’ of the Ultraman (a story never being told) – all turned into stone, caves and light (just the way Noa resurrected in Nexus as Nexus is no match to Dark Zagi) Nexus has different modes – so is Tiga. Dyna is also related – so is Gaia and Agul. (But I’m guessing again, how to relate to Cosmos and Justice – especially Ultraman Legend & Delasion -.I guess that would be another movie)

    Here’s another theory, Dark Zagi is the first Dark Ultraman BUT Bellial is NOT his descendant but from a pathetic hybrid of Dark Reionyx + Ultraman (the dark side fused together with the ‘fallen’ angel – which is Bellial)

    But Faust, Mephiltzo are descendants of Zagi but how Reionyx is related to Zagi, this is still a question to me but I do know the Reionyx has two sides – dark and bright side (kinda like Star Wars) So the dark ones (like the strange reddish figure appearing in Ultraman: Great Monster Decisive Battle (1979) Compilation Film looks a lot like the one that fused into Bellial – don’t you think?) But the bright ones? Well again I see caves – so I see Noa and Tiga. Am I right to assume that Reionyx is related to Noa as well?

    So Bellial (somehow using his dark magic) travel to this parallel or alternate universe or ‘crossover’ – whatever you want to call it TO GET the power of Zagi to become Ultimate Galatic Emperor Kaiser Belial – thus Belial spoiled the alternate universe, so the most powerful ultraman (i’ll call Zero – the ‘ultra-messiah’ – the promised one who can touch the ultimate Ultra Power ) came from ANOTHER dimension to team up with the 1st Ultra in the other dimension as he has that blue diamonds which is somehow related to Noa.

    So when fused together the ‘reddish symbol of Noah’ and the blue diamonds – walla – The new Ultimate Ultraman Zero is born!! So who is the first host of Noah? It’s Run (the host that almost died and saved by Zero – kinda like Ultra Seven X – don’t you think?)

    So Glenfire, Star Corvette Jean-bird, Jean-bot (actually Jumborg A – the very first ‘Transformer’ WAY EARLIER than Gobots, Brocker Corp Machine Braster and even TRANSFORMERS). My guess again Glenfire and Star Corvette is somehow related to Megaloman.

    Ok that would be all for now…I know this is crazy but have fun reading it!!

    A friend of Wayne and Seijin ‘X’ of burnproject!!!!

  • UltrafanZero

    I do like some of the speculations here. I also get the feeling that Tsuburaya intend Noa as some type of Ultra archangle. I dunno about being ‘first’ but I appreciate your attempt o tie in the continuities.