Christmas, Turkey, Fansubs and You

Bored of your average television Christmas? Got a few hours to kill till you watch the Christmas episode of Doctor Who? You could catch up with the latest fansub releases and there’s been quite a few.

You could catch up with the latest episodes of Goseiger and OOO from TV-Nihon or if you fancy Over-Time’s OOO’s simple subs.

Hikari-Senshi(H-S) have released episode 1 and episode 2 of the legendary Hiroshi Miyauchi’s brilliant Kaiketsu Zubat.

Order of Zeronos(OoZ) have reformed to tackle solely one project and released the first episode of Kamen Rider X. Hopefully making us one step closer to having all of Kamen Rider subbed.

Henshin Organization(HON) have an unique special TV interview programme called From Showa Era to Heisei Era! The Great Meeting! featuring many of the people who work behind the scenes on Kamen Rider.

Hi No Tori(HnT), resident old school toku subbers continued on with with the great Ultraseven.

Midnight Crew Subs(MCS) have put out another episode of Kamen Rider Stronger.

Grown Ups In Spandex(G.U.I.S.) have released a large number of releases as a Christmas present, the first five episodes of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, first episode of Jetman, the Ultraman Zero Stage I OVA and Mori Megumi’s Tokyo Town music video.

This is enough to spend the entire of Christmas day watching. Just don’t forget and miss Doctor Who.

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