YOU are the Hero! Effort is Over $4000!!!!


You guys are fucking amazing. The effort that CStoys International and the Friends of Justice has pulled together has clocked in at $4000 raised in less than a week!!!

Way to freaking go and I couldn’t be prouder to be one of you.

This one’s for you Japan… :)

  • Tyler

    i’m delighted to see that there are others who care for japan. however, i was unable to make a donation of $10 through HJ because i do not have a paypal account. I did make the donation straight to my local redcross though. i simply thought this would be of interest, and i hope to go through HJ channels in future events.

  • Captain Marvellous Redy Lfslhs

    Sorry I Only Can Donate 20 USD Hope It Help Gambatte Japan :D