Fourze Episode 19 & 20 Episode Summaries

According to these latest summaries, it seems the focus shifts back onto Fourze and he’s trying to utilize the new Magnet switch!

Episode 19 – Steel Dragon Ignorance Pair
The principal Kouhei, who is also Horoscope, ordered the Dragon Zodiarts to defeat Fourze and Meteor.
At the same time, Gentaro and Kengo have a big argument about the usage of the Magnet switch.
Gengo then breaks off their friendship!

Episode 20 – Super Severed Magnet Power
Fourze can’t seem to use the Magnet switch correctly has a hard time fighting his opponents. Kengo has left the Kamen Rider Club, but then the track and field coach tries to recruit him. This is the first time the Electric-Fire Magnetic switch will be used.


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