Basco Waves Goodbye To Cast & Crew

The end of Gokaiger is only two weeks away now, but latest episode was the end of favourite love to hate villain, Basco.

One of the sad downsides of Gokaiger is definitely the Zangyack villains. There wasn’t anything particular wrong with their designs or portrayal, but they lacked the necessary threat against the heroes that past evil organizations have presented. The Gokaigers generally treated them as a joke and never seemed to struggle against any of their wicked plans. Thankfully however, this role was filled by Gokai Reds old crewmate who betrayed him, Basco ta Jolokia. His wacky and flamboyant personality quickly won over fans and his unique way of using the Ranger Keys made him even more unforgiving.

Originally we believed that Basco could lead a road to redemption, trying to obtain forgiveness as he was a man who just succumb to greed. However, Kei Hosogai played the character in such a way that you wanted to see more of him because he was so likeable, even though he was villain. Turning good probably wouldn’t have suited him as he had no clear remorse for anything he did, it makes you wonder how he even became one of the Red Pirates without Marvelous or AkaRed noticing what a monster there was lying behind all the smiles.

Kei was given flowers after his last scene

This is what Toei’s site had to say about him:

    Finally, there came an end to Marvelous’ and Basco’s fate. The long confrontation came to an appropriate heroic and dramatic end. Their difference in power has surely changed. The name of Basco ta Jolokia leaves the Gokaiger story forever. It gave the show a certain painful stimulus. And Kei Hosogai, who played Basco’s role till the end was not just any regular actor, he gave Basco an intensely mean personality. Basco looked like Basco until the end, he was neither a Gokaiger nor a Zangyack, he was an isolated existance. He played Basco with all his heart and his charms until the end. Thank you very much! We are looking forward to the rest of his carreer.

Behind the scene photos of episode 48

On Kei’s blog he posted his thoughts after the episode aired:

    Sup everyone!
    Did you watch Gokaiger this morning~?
    My last scene, it was truly just like how I imagined from the start.
    A flashy one on one fight with Marvvy, no, with Marvelous!!
    I was really satisfied by the flashy way he scattered.
    Prideful from start to end, he took what he wanted even if there were victims, that’s who Basco was.

    I don’t really have anything particular in common with him, but that’s what was fun about playing this role. It was a stimulating challenge.
    It really happened in a blink of an eye.
    I’ve grown to love the entire cast and staff! It’s like they are warm family. (^_^)

    Oh, I think I shed a tear while watching Gokaiger this morning. (´Д` )

    Now then, with Basco defeated, the Gokaigers are stronger than ever!
    I’m sure they’ll make the show even flashier* with their energy!!
    Basco and Sally are watching over them while chilling and sharing a banana.

    Thank you, Gokaiger!
    Thank you, Everyone!

    It was so fun! Please continue to support Gokaiger till the very end!

    Let’s do our best together!

Kei with Toru Omura, voice of Sally

At Henshin Justice Unlimited, we wish him all the best and hope to see him in another role that allows him showcase his acting skills in the near future.


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