HJU Radio #33 – End of Gokaiger/The Rise of Go-Buster!


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HJU Radio is back just in time to help you confirm your weekend. 😉

This episode, as the title implies, we rock the end of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and rock on in to the rise of the new sentai on the block, Go-Buster! Strike a pose, hit play and enjoy. Here’s your geek score breakdown:

Geek Score Card:

Justice League: DOOM
Fansubbed Toku
Brief Fourze Talk
Keith Hates Funny
Expensive DVD’s in Japan
Massive GARO Love
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon/Cutey Honey the Live
Blake 7
The Return of R5 Central!!!
Spider-Man: Spider Island
Devil Man Lady
Getter Robo Manga
Naughty Picture Talk of Aya Sugimoto
SIC Kamen Rider Skull
3A Metal Gear Solid Rex
Citizen Kane
Kamen Rider Recommendations
Panty and Stocking
Figurarts (Fourze Figuarts)
Young Justice
Once Upon a Time
Ultimate Spider-Man
IDW Dungeons & Dragons
IDW G.I. Joe the Comic Book
IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye
Transformers: Animated Botcon Comic
Legion Flight Rings
Legion of Superheroes Cartoon
G.I. Joe Movie Talk
Step Up 2 the Streets
Nerf Gun Talk
HJU Donation Drive (J-Calibers….)
Mass Effect 3

Our band of ragtag podcasters is as follows:

WTF @ TFW’s Vangelus who has a MOST rockin’ YouTube Channel and his own Personal Blog

Craig “The Scream Man” Moore of the Fwooshcast!

Mike Dent of the Friday ACE also joins us by popular demand!

Michael Nixon joins us from the Geek Crash Course Videocast!

Special thanks to FuuNoKami Oka aka Jonathan Howe (also at Fuu’s Toku Videos on blip.tv)who stepped up to make this episode possible in record time. Without him, there would be no show.

Graphics provided by the Immortal IgaDevil.

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