Crayon Shin-chan To Cross Over With Kamen Rider Fourze


To promote both Super Hero War and Crayon Shin-chan’s new movie The Storm Called: Me and the Space Princess, a crossover has been announced between the Crayon Shin-chan anime and Kamen Rider Fourze.  This collaboration celebrates Crayon Shin-chan’s 20th anniversary as well as the 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider.

The story will cross two episodes of each show and will revolve  around the heroes working together to save Princess Himawari of the planet Himawari.  The schedule is as follows:

  • episode 1: “Transform into anime!” (live-action + anime), April 13 at 7pm, Crayon Shin-chan time slot
  • episode 2: “Combined attack” (anime), April 15 at 8am, Kamen Rider Fourze time slot
  • episode 3: “We’ll save Himawari!” (anime), April 27 at 7:30pm, Crayon Shin-chan time slot
  • episode 4: “Not quite friends” (live-action + anime), April 29 at 8am, Kamen Rider Fourze time slot

Sources (and more pictures):, Nikkan Sports, Mantan Web, Daily Sports Online, MSN Japan, Movie Walker, entermeitele


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