HJU Radio #34 – Kamen Rider Fourze Mid-Season


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The team returns to drop our impressions on Kamen Rider Fourze up to this point and spoilers… I played the role of the “hater”, even though I mostly enjoy the show.

Here’s the Geek Score Card:
G.I. Joe
SIC Kamen Rider ZX
Legend of Korra
Macross Talk
Mass Effect 3
Light Strike Wowee
John Carter

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Special thanks to FuuNoKami Oka aka Jonathan Howe (also at Fuu’s Toku Videos on blip.tv)who stepped up to make this episode possible in record time. Without him, there would be no show.

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  • Tommybrevard

    Love the episode. Wish it was longer. I love Fourze so far. The blend of serious and funny works for me. The characters are cool and well developed. Meteor is cool, Miu is smoking hot, Shun’s the defacto 3rd Rider because of Power Dizer, Tomoko’s hot too, Kengo’s Kengo and Gentaro is one of my favorite Riders. Yuki was cute at first but got annoying as time went on. JK is cool in his own way . Wished they speed up the Horoscopes more. Overall Fourze is a great show and will keep watching.

  • Tomas Rivarola

    man, I really wish you guys would’ve talked about Elec, Fire, and Magnet States’, because those are definitely pretty cool and I also think of as very noteworthy since there are much fewer form changes than Double and OOO

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kadoya-BenKyo/100001206761264 Kadoya BenKyo

    Hey Keith, they did sorta explain in the episode with Gentarou’s grand father why he wants to be friends with everybody.
    His parents passed away when he was in 3rd grade, yet when they were alive whenever he made a friend it brought a smile to their faces.
    Making friends is the only way he can remember what his parents looked like and remember their smile.
    That is what I took from that episode since he said he couldn’t really remember a whole bunch about them aside from the smile on their faces.