2nd Quarter DX Gobuster Mecha Revealed

With Gold BeetBuster and Silver StagBuster’s impending debut in Mission Sentai Gobusters, new photos of their DX Mecha have been revealed through Japanese toy catalogs!

First up is Gold BeetBuster’s Buster Machine BC-04 GobusterBeet, which can transform from a crane truck mode to a stag beetle mode.

Next, is Silver StagBuster’s Buster Machine SJ-05 which transforms from a Stag beetle, to a jet. It can also combine with to Gold Beetbuster’s Buster Machine to form BusterHercules.

Also revealed was FS-0 OFrog, this auxiliary mecha can combine with Gobuster Oh, replacing Yellow Buster’s RH-03.

Finally, Go-BusterBeet, and SJ-o5 Stag Beetle can combine with GobusterOh to form Great Go-Busteroh!

Beetbuster’s suggested retail price is 5040 yen, while Stag Beetle’s suggested retail price is 2940 yen OFrog will retail for 3150. The indented release dates for these figures will be mid to late June. You can pre order these figures from our site sponsors Hobby Link Japan, Hobby Search, and CS Toys!

Source: HJU’s Gobuster Toy thread.

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