Superhero War Movie Is A Bit Of A Letdown

You may have noticed over the weekend the overwhelming reponse that the clash of two of Toeis’ biggest franchaisies movie, Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Superhero War movie hasn’t been particularly well recieved… But why? Gun Caliber star, Bueno, voices his opinion on the movie.

Pitting the current Superhero Time teams against their own predesscors, and throwing in every hero from the series’ ever, should be a recipe for success, but could have easily tipped over the line and make the whole film over saturated; and sadly that’s what happened. Having 200+ superheroes running around on screen means that not every fan is going to be happy that their favourite doesn’t get some screentime, but this isn’t the case. The plot itself is rather thin and isn’t even as complex or written as well as a typical Kamen Rider Fourze episode, the big question as to why both Marvelous and Tsukasa now both run two different evil organizations is obvious within the first 15 minutes.

If you happened to be a fan of either Fourze or the Go-Busters, they get little screen time in the movie and have little to do with the plot. Even the Gokaigers get a raw deal, the girls are for the most part not even involved and regulated to being stuck in some different universe. Den-O fans shouldn’t be worried, the Den Liners crew gets it’s arbitrary screen time and wackyness ensues. The fight scenes are far and few between and everything you see in the trailers is about as much as they appear in the movie. The choreography has been blamed for a large portion of the negativity because of it’s limitedness in creative use. The Gokai OOO Change lasts seconds and only placed to sell the keys and any left over OOO toys, while the Gosei Cards being used by Riders could barely be considered plot orientated.

The movie carries many of the same problems as the last few movies shared, as well as staff members. The writer, Shouji Yonemura has written this addition to the movie entries, as well All Riders Vs. Great Shocker, the Decade portion of Movie War 2010 and last years Let’s Go Kamen Rider. Yonemura is also credited as being the head writer for Kamen Rider Kabuto and the last few episodes of Decade, all of which are inflicted with the same incoherent and plothole full to the brim. Osamu Kaneda the director is responsible for the All Riders, Let’s Go Kamen Rider and Climax Deka, all suffering from linear mediocre visuals.

But has it been doing well? It has topped the box office for the weekend, knocking the Detective Conan movie off the throne. The cinemas over the weekend were packed out and cinemas decided to add extra showings to the early schedule to keep up with the demand. No word on takings, as yet.

Bueno, indie film maker and creator of Tokyos’ local hero Gun Caliber was particularly vocal in his opinions and incredibly disappointed. Beware of spoilers and not for the light of skin as he tears the movie apart.

For fans outside of Japan, they will have to wait and form their own opinion of the movie when the home release of the movie will be coming in roughly half a year. Perhaps after that period and going in with no expectations, western fans might appriciate it more than the disgrunted fans in the east.

  • Misanthropic Humanist

    I was so looking forward to even BUYING the DVD. Apparently it’s so bad, it’s not even worth getting on bootleg. Thank god for people like Bueno that are honest and don’t beat around the bush. I don’t think I’ll even d/l to try and edit out the non-fight scenes.

  • Guest

    Good article, bad about movie :(

  • lionsandbears

    Really? I only paid 1,200 yen.

  • lionsandbears

    Well, I did notice that you didn’t spoil anything that I liked.

  • None

    I don’t trust those two guys. I’m gonna watch it myself and form my own opinion.

  • Anon

    It’s not just their opinion, it’s HJU team

  • Bueno

    Yeah, don’t trust me. Wait in anticipation so you can see this mess for yourself.

  • MKO

    I actually agree with their opinions, becuase as a fan of tokusatsu, I want to see more of my fav heroes and more ACTION but somehow Toei is like fishing us with all the cool scenes and when you actually watch the movie there’s really nuthin to it. Its like how they hyped us with Kamen Rider Kivala and all you see her is a glimpse after she kills Decade.

  • Tao S. Kayer

    I’m just going to wait for the fansubs and then form my own opinion about this movie!

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    Rest of the HJU Team doesn’t have an opinion yet… we haven’t seen it. ^__^

  • Dami_abiola

    it is quite difficult to give all characters equal screentime talkless of even trying to create a plot
    that would favour everyone. I suppose the more heroes there are, the more difficult the plot would be. so i believe people should not just judge a book by its cover because you never can tell, the movie might turn out to be good. and so, i might as well insult anyone that talks trash about this movie until i see it myself.

  • Bueno

    In short, watching Megamax first and THEN watching this felt like driving an Enzo Ferrari for a whole day to wherever you wanted to go, and then having to ride in a Chevy Vega the next day…

    I’m NOT saying don’t watch the movie, I’m just saying that the better movie is gonna reach you guys first so next year go into Super Hero Taisen with some pretty low expectations.

  • Raymaru

    Yeah. agreed 100%. I saw it opening day on the very first show with all the kids, parents who were also long-time fans, and other toku fans, and we were all hyped up for it. After the film, we all shared the same disappointed faces.

  • Leo_lim91789

    That gives you no excuse to ruin it and be bias.

  • Jurryb

    That made me LOL, thanks for that. I will take your word on it, but still wanna see it myself.

  • Plasmasticks

    i shall trust my own opinion. This movie looks completely bad ass, sure it’s gonna comical since its japan. They always make things funny. And you guys are assholes for one your in JAPAN. I would love to be in Japan at anytime but you guys are there at a super sentai movie which is a lot of peoples idols in japan and even in america. But if i see the movie and i find it bad i won’t rant about how bad it is like a nerd. I would accept it again its japan its different and weird and we don’t know they say but we somehow like it. I would have likes it even if i was there

  • Shariban83

    Even the overrated Avengers Movie had a weak plot. Loki sucked. The Hulk was the only good thing about it. I’m still going to buy this movie on dvd even if it sucked.

  • b

    Where can I see the movie online?

  • Mike B. Jean

    What proof do you have that the film wasn’t favourable to the Japanese Fans?

  • Josh

    Got the raw file for the movie, and i’m waiting for subs. I’ll decide on my own when it comes out.