Official Images of Bouken Red, Red Buster and Daizyujin Figuarts!

Last time, we revealed that Bouken Red and Red Buster S.H.Figuarts were coming in September. Bandai’s Tamashi Nation home page was updated with new official images of these releases. These new photos confirms that Bouken Red will include the Bouken Shovel, first used by AkibaBlue in episode 3 of the Akibaranger! This update also included new official images of Super Robot Chogokin Daizyujin, also due out for a September release!

Both Bouken Red and Red Buster will retail for 3500 yen, while Daizyujin’s retail price is 5040 yen. Keep an eye on our site sponsors to pre order these amazing looking figures!

  • Aaa

    Need to update that title. Daizyujin isn’t SHF.