Kamen Rider Wizard Cast Info & Story!

A press conference for the upcoming tokusatsu show, Kamen Rider Wizard, was recently held in Japan to reveal the actors of the show.

The main character Souma Haruto will be played by Shunya Shiraishi. Souma is a survivor of a mysterious solar eclipse ritual. He was given a belt in order to transform into Kamen Rider Wizard from the mysterious “White Wizard.” As Kamen Rider Wizard, Souma fights demons that spawned from the solar eclipse ritual. Currently, he has 4 different forms. Flame Style (Red), Water Style (Blue), Hurricane Style (Green) and Land Style (Yellow). He rarely shows his true emotions, instead he lives a frivolous life. He’s constantly misunderstood by other people. Ever since he started fighting demons, he stopped caring about his ordinary life and is now focusing on fighting for peace. He loves donuts more than anything.
Koyomi, played by Makoto Okunaka. A survivor of the solar eclipse ritual, she has unknown past and it’s unclear whether she’s a demon or a human. She’s living together with Haruto at an antique shop, she’s also an expert at fortune telling.
Shunpei Nara, played by Junki Tozuka. He wishes to become a wizard and aspires to become Haruto’s disciple. He tries his best to help Haruto, but he’s usually unable to help.
Rinko Daimon, played by Yuuko Takayama. She’s newly recruited police officer, and found herself involved with demonic activities one day. She finds it strange that the police isn’t doing anything against the demons, so she tries to help Haruto with whatever she can.
Shigeru Wajima, played by Hisahiro Oguro. He’s the owner of the antique shop and is the creator of the rings, by infusing the magic inside jewels into rings. Wajima became the caretaker of Haruto and Koyomi. Not even Wajima knows what magic the rings hold, even though he created them. The rings have to be used in order to know what magic it holds.

The series will premiere September 2 with Tsuyoshi Kida as the writer, Shoujiro Nakazawa as the director and Takaaki Utsunomiya and Kengo Motoi as the producers.


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