How To Unlock Kamen Rider Wizard in Rider Generation 2

Today in Japan, All Kamen Rider Generation 2 , the side scroller beat ‘em up on both NDS and PSP was released in Japan. Earlier we posted videos of the secret cameo of Kamen Rider Wizard, but have you wanted to know how you can get ahold of him and the other unlockable Riders?

At hte bottom of the main menu you can enter an 8 digit code to unlock the different characters. Here is the entire list of all the characters, be warned, I haven’t tried these myself so some maybe incorrect:

    Rider 1 B4KECSHM
    Rider 2 Q7EBKS32
    V3 F3AZ58PW
    Riderman X5SFW9CH
    Amazon D5V4KPQJ
    Stronger A9HG8BDC
    Skyrider Y2BQ5RE8
    Super-1 B73GFMCY
    ZX Q9V8K53T
    Black B2G8EQYH
    Black RX C97HPJZ6
    Shin X8H7SGFR
    J J83BHEDM
    Kuuga R9G7S8DW
    Agito G8FWRK4Y
    G3-X S4LE53CM
    Gills T64YPSQL
    Ryuki K7EVXH8J
    Knight V546QFNH
    Zolda V2GZU7RT
    Faiz T3EZ9F2H
    Kaixa T63DCLK7
    Blade Z7ECMAX3
    Garren B38E94M6
    Chalice R42NSYBQ
    Leangle W82ABSHN
    Hibiki X4ZMQHDL
    Ibuki  D3WTK4NM
    Todoroki C3VQ8K7T
    Zanki M29D8XFJ
    Kabuto H34JNRBU
    Gatack D2WXR7HG
    Den-O V9BZMYNQ
    Deneb T5C2FUKN
    New Den-O R4WAXZB7
    Kiva D823KGNV
    Ixa P6LD5FV4
    Decade N268CJZS
    DiEnd X2Y3U4P6
    Kivara F567XTEU
    Double N2GJQ3AS
    Accel P29A5VDL
    Skull Z49VJ62S
    Birth B378M4CY
    Birth Prototype E2JLUDWR
    Fourze S7XM2RN5
    Meteor X4Y76EDL
    Wizard M4J5D3SX

Join in on the game dicussion thread on our very own forum. A review of the game will be up shortly.

  • NaruKami


  • Kamen Rider Fan

    I tried all the codes. And successfully unlocked all the kamen rider :D

  • just

    I’ve unlocked all rider up to shadowmoon by just playing the game. can anybody tell me if wizard is unlockable by doing all misssions including their hard to hardest setting or wizard is only ulockable by using the code. Thanks [ I prefer not using the codes if its possible to unlock Wizard like how I unlocked everything else, but if the codes are the only way then I’ll just have to use his code….sorry if I’m a bit fussy about this heheh anyways hope other people enjoy the game as much as I do”

  • Kulit10

    Where do i put the codes?