Creature Designs Done Right: ZANGYACK WORKS LOG

Revealed via LadyEve, listings have popped up for a new companion book to GOKAIGER on Amazon Japan! Entitled Zangyack Works Log, the all-color book will feature original concepts and designs from the show’s designer, Yasushi Nirasawa! More details after the jump!

If there’s one aspect of Tokusatsu that tends to get overlooked, it’s the monsters. Specifically, the design of said monsters who often leave the screen as quickly as they came in. Nowadays, it feels like a rarity when villains show up that pop on screen. That is unless you’re lucky enough to have someone like Yasushi Nirasawa.

The creature designer behind projects like KAMEN RIDER BLADE, DEN-O, and KABUTO, GARO, and Fewture’s DEVILMAN figures, Nirasawa recently contributed to GOKAIGER. His work on the show added a much-needed jolt in the arm with his Zangyack Force Commander designs, being some of the slickest monsters since the Undead (who also got their own book, UNDEAD GREENBLOOD).The monsters he worked on, unused (and rejected) concepts, and more can be found in the Zangyack Works Log. The 96-page book will also contain behind-the-scenes interviews from GOKAIGER’s producers which will cover the development of the Empire’s storyline!

Zangyack Works Log will be coming out October 19th for 3,000 yen. In the meantime, you can pre-order now on Amazon Japan!

  • J.d. Sadler

    will there be an e-book version?

  • Mike Dent

    Highly doubtful.