Wizard’s Second Kamen Rider Confirmed: KAMEN RIDER BEAST

Kamen Rider Wizard’s second Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Beast, is now confirmed through the toy catalogs!

Kamen Rider Beast transforms with the belt, Beast Driver. His powers are unknown, but he uses rings just like Wizard. The rings are however used differently.

Beast uses a weapoen called the Dice Saber, in order to use his special attacks Beast has to insert a ring into the saber.

Courtesy and thanks to 算吧@Tokumaru!

  • http://twitter.com/dFangX Ted Bishop

    Huh. Interesting, didn’t see that coming. Sort of a Knight type Kamen Rider with a Rapier that uses dice. Can’t get a good look at him or the rings but we’ll see on this one.

  • Layfon

    just like the circus lion.. the beast jumps through the ring of fire..

  • anonymous

    it looks like the rings act like keys and he needs to turn his hand with the key ring to open the driver’s face

  • Heinze

    SO the show is not about Wizards…. But Circus Riders D:

  • http://www.facebook.com/gatoronfire4lord Sean Lee Fowler

    Ahh, very interesting that even though he doesn’t wear the rings (so it seems), he uses them. Just like Switches with Fourze, this will allow them to SHARE abilities.

  • question mark

    Design kinda reminds me of OOO

  • http://www.facebook.com/lancia.perikles Lancia Perikles

    This is exactly like the Box Weapon system in Reborn, it seems.

  • Matt Linkous

    Looks like a wrestling belt. I hope this doesn’t become a Kabuto train of a gazillion Riders with the show contriving constant excuses for them to fight each other instead of the real threat.

  • Kel

    The belt is the Super Samurai Shogun Belt just changed a little,…

  • Celestial Beings

    this, kinda, too earlier???
    the rider look not so tidy, hope they can improve more la for the second rider

  • http://www.facebook.com/JB.Regala Jean Basil 让罗勒加拉 Regala

    his armor looks almost like goseiknight’s! xD

  • tommy brevard

    It does look like the Shogun Buckle

  • Tommy Brevard

    Shogun Buckle

  • Unmei no Ko

    It’s not that early at all, really. True, most KRs normally wait until around episode 20 to bring out the secondary rider, it isn’t always so. Just for an example, how about TheBee from Kabuto? TheBee’s first appearance was only in episode 7. So nope – it’s certainly not too early to be introducing a secondary rider.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maskurmambang Imam Maskur


  • ThereGOesTheBoom

    Ohh god it seems each rider is getting uglier….