Trailer of Toei’s Hero Next Project – “In the Future, Where I am Executed”

A trailer for the second entry to the Toei’s Hero Next project, “In the Future, Where I am Executed” has hit online. The movie stars It stars Kamen Rider Fourze’s Souta Fukushi and Ryo Yoshizawa.

The Toei Hero Next Project was set up so that the two leading actors in the recently finished Kamen Rider series would join together again in a direct-to-home movie release. Last years’ Kamen Rider OOO’s Shu Watanabe & Ryosuke Miura starred in “PIECE ~Kioku no Kakera~“.

The trailer reveals elements of the movies plot. Yoshizawa is playing a character simply called “Genius Hacker” who develops a program called Amaterasu. It’s called the “perfect” trial system, they punish people in their past for the crimes they make in the future. Sota’s character is charged for murder in the future, and so they go into the past and charge for the crime. Genius Hacker gives him 72 hours to prove his innocence.

The first Hero Next episode will be released later this month on the 21st November.

  • bat

    where is W after tokusatsu movie?

  • Timmy

    It started with OOO

  • Omega

    What is the name of the song at the end?

  • Herman the German

    TERROR!…’s actor! : D

  • TaintedSeraph

    脱走のシーズン (I think it translates to Breakout Season) by Prague. I haven’t been able to find it online so if you do let me know!

  • randomDude

    man this looks A LOT better than PIECE. the whole “split personality” in that movie sounded retarded. like this feels like a REAL movie.

  • uhhgy6

    wtf fourze