BREAKING NEWS – Superhero Taisen Z Is Coming

A reliable source within the fandom has confirmed that a successor to Kamen Rider x Super Sentai – Superhero Taisen will be coming next year, titled “Superhero Taisen Z”. That’s not the only surprise, the movie will feature a number of previous Ishimori created heroes.

Does this mean we could be seeing Inzuman from upcoming Kamen Rider Ultimatum movie or a return of Kikaider, Inazuman and Kaiketsu Zubat from the Let’s Go Kamen Rider?

Remember where you heard it first…

  • Sam Kanter

    Let’s hope it’s better than the first one

  • Shawn Stuart

    Spoilers, it’ll suck.

  • Kiddo Rad

    I don’t understand why people think Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Superhero Taisen was bad. I enjoyed it.

  • Tao Sterling Kayer

    I enjoyed Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen as well! I don’t understand why people hate it either!

  • Magical Buster Time

    I don’t think it’ll suck at all. But I do think the charm the first had won’t be there.

  • Byron McNeal

    I don’t why there are people who liked it….

  • Judd McNeal

    Because the first literally had little to no plot. I don’t expect oscar winning screenplays from this, but the last one was jarring, paced poorly, and had no clear main characters.

    That’s why no one likes it.

  • maverick

    the first movie was okay, but is was good for nostalgia.
    hopefully, this z movie is better.

  • kelleth

    Its because EVERYTHING could have been avoided if the protagonists spend just 5 damn minutes explaining what the deal is. Instead they act like douches and Daiki goes emo…. This movie is lazy

  • BrianRommel

    I enjoyed the movie but It was full of plot holes

  • BrianRommel

    I liked it but yeah that was it’s biggest problem weak story and full of plot holes Though I found it entertaining.

  • BrianRommel

    It had a lot of cool battles and action sequences They didn’t like it for the story.

  • BrianRommel

    I enjoyed it but I understand why People hated it. It had very poorly thought out plot and what little there was of it was full of holes.

  • Travis Michael Warren

    I enjoyed it but at the same time it could have been a lot better. The fight scenes were good. The plot was pretty bad when you consider both the heroes and villains have to be morons to believe each other to begin with. Plus Diend being all butt hurt over charade was just dumb.

  • Bladesman

    Way i see it, the first film while very rushed set the ground work, this film only can be an improvement in my opinion so long as they learned from their mistakes and put a bit more work into the story line, I think we can expect something potentially awesome.

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    Loved the battles and face offs.

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    Same. I enjoyed the hell out of it… except for the ending.


    Koichi Sakamoto should direct and Naruhisa Arakawa and Yasuko Kobayashi should write for this movie.

  • Ask ThatGuy

    Yes! I hope Decade comes back once more with the Gokaigers to kick some ass.

  • Jay Barnett


  • Jay Barnett

    I thought it was a lot of fun. I don’t understand the hating on it either.

  • Cyberslayer

    So the movie would have been fixed just like how Kabuto could had been fixed. Funny how its the same writer too.

  • dekaredfire

    I hope Metal Heroes tachi will takes part in this movie

  • Ariyen Equiron

    I enjoyed it too.. except for the gay moments of Diend and Gokaiblue lol

  • rice mlok
  • dragonfang

    and thus one step closer to an all out super hero vs super villian showdow
    batman vs marvy chan
    deadpool vs kabuto ah so close to that yet so far

  • lionsandbears

    Looks like Gavan is in it.

  • JapzLapeno

    Thought Taisen was good, and mostly just failed for me when they got to revealing how Marvelous and Tsukasa were doing what they were doing. I get why, and i get how they organized everything, basically having the first people they took out explain everything to everyone else everytime someone ‘died’, but i don’t get where they learned the flaming death dimentional shift technique. Everything before and after that was ok (except Tsukasa’s HAIR). Hopefully they won’t back themselves into a corner with a convoluted plot the writers can’t resolve in a way that makes sense without a massive deus ex machina. Also, is anyone else hoping for an appearance from Skull Man? I know he never had a tokusatsu show, but come on, just dig up the costume from the live action episode 0 from the anime. Yes it looked like the Kamen Rider The First suits, but i don’t care. Also wish they could write in those version of Kamen Riders 1 and 2 along with the classic versions, since they have Decade to explain any alternate worlds anyway.

  • Watashi Wa Sakurada Dori

    its will be real a battle
    because many hero in this movie
    kamen rider,super sentai,gavan………….
    wizard & kyoryuger