Sota Fukushi and Shunya Shiraishi Interview

Courtesty of Hyper Hobby, a translation of Sota Fukushi (Kamen Rider Fourze) and Shunya Shiraishi’s (Kamen Rider Wizard) short interview.

HH: The first time you two met was on the Space, Here We Come! set, wasn’t it?
SF: Yup!
SS: We shot a very short scene together and then we met up in ADR room to record our lines a while later.
HH: What was your first impression of each other then?  
SS: He really seemed like Gentaro in real life too.
SF: I did? I guess that’s kind of true. (laughs)
SS: You were also really cheerful and a bit loud.
SF: I thought Shiraishi was really cool. Although we didn’t get the chance to talk that much back then.
SS: Our filming schedules weren’t the same for this movie either, so we barely met this time too.
HH: But the two of you seem to get along.
SS: I guess so. We both have it easy to communicate.
SF: Which is kinda strange, seeing how you are older than me.
SS: But you’re just like Gentaro, befriending everyone.
SF: That’s probably true. (laughs) Kamen Rider does feel like a family after all.
SS: I could see how close you all got after working on Kamen Rider for a year. I felt like a third wheel when we were working with Sakamoto. (laughs)
SF: We hadn’t seen each other for a while. After the final episode, Sakamoto told me he’d direct this movie and I just had to come back for him.
SS: He was really awkward with the Wizard cast though. (laughs) He used super formal language with us.
SF: Really? (laughs)
SS: But when you arrived, he became all happy. I thought it was pretty cool, the entire atmosphere changed when the director and main character got together.
SF: That’s probably the result of working together on Fourze.
HH: But weren’t you a bit like Mr. Shiraishi when you appeared on OOO’s set together with Shu Watanabe? You’ve also previously mentioned that you’re actually a very shy person. You were working with an older actor back then too.
SF: Hahaha, yeah… I’m actually very shy.
SS: Really!? I’m sorry, I never noticed that! (laughs) You seemed so much like Gentaro when I talked to you off the set.
SF: Acting as the character must have rubbed of on me.
HH: How do you two usually talk in general?
SF: We use relatively formal speech. We still don’t call each other with our first names. (laughs)
SS: We haven’t even had the time to go to lunch together!
HH: But you still get along fairly well and natural, don’t you?
SF: Of course, the photos we just took for the interview photo shoot was pretty much just the two of us playing around as friends when we had to pose.
SS: Haha, yeah~ We weren’t like that when we were filming together the first time.
HH: How many times were you two on the same set at the same time?
SF: Three days, I believe.
HH: As fellow main characters, did you ever think “I won’t lose to him as a Rider?”
SS: Not really, but I felt like I had already lost when we did the transformation scene. There were 3 Fourze Riders and then me. (laughs)
SF: That’s so true!~ (laughs)

  • Tom Constantine

    Really love that they seem to get along so well.