Juden Sentai Kyoryuger’s Transforming with Samba Rhythm!

The Batteries are not only used for their mecha, but they also use it in order to transform with Samba Rhythm into Kyoryuger! Kyoryuger will feature 5 strong heroes and the show will be enjoyable, cheerful and very funny!

By simply inserting a battery into the GabRevolver, they Kyoryu Change into the Kyoryuger. The Kyoryuger’s use two weapons called GabRevolver and GabriCalibur. With these weapon, the Kyoryugers can use a special attack with Samba Rhythm!
To active a JudenRyu, simply throw a battery into its mouth!

  • Teddy Reisher

    so the changer is their gun? just like beet buster


    The suits look spicy, I’ll be cool too if, Naruhisa Arakawa and Yasuko Kobaysashi wrote some episodes for the show with Sakamoto still directing.

    When TOEI does the movie for kyoryuger, should make it like OOO’s WONDERFUL ,also MEGAMAX ,as cinematic like the 199 movie , akibaranger ,and even like the early episodes of abaranger .

    It’ll be cool if, Matsuken or someone similar to him does the movie theme song duetting with Haruko Momoi in the movie with a feel good theme song for the movie and upbeat similar to the OOO’s wonderful theme and Akibaranger’s theme ,even like the megamax theme song and maybe having the rangers sing with them too.

    And have a dance craze for the kids so they feel like they are part of the team.

    Look forward to seeing the show, hopefully the kids will love it and fans alike

  • Alex

    Do we know their ranger name (like Akaranger, blue buster etc…)

  • anonymous

    a dance would only be featured at the ending of a episode mind you

  • Glamador

    Darn they’ve gone back to spandex. T’was enjoying the leather outfits.

  • clemer

    samba?? carnival!! hot women brazil