MegaForce Season 2 to Continue to Use Goseiger Suits

Courtesy of our buddies at the RangerCrew Power Rangers MegaForce Season 2, now OFFICIALLY called Power Rangers Super MegaForce (I’m totally fine with that name..), will not be changing up suits like the OG Rangers did in the past… they’re sticking with the Goseiger costumes.

[Editor’s Note: See also GibsonKAGE’s post here regarding the double dose of Goseiger and the “why” behind it.]

I gotta say this is a little surprising. New suits mean renewed interest in the show and it makes all the action footage easier. Judging from how Power Rangers Samurai went and the designs they got from Bandai for swankery Samurai costumes, I’d bet ya my Gold Ranger Morpher that Power Rangers MegaForce just might end up with totally original new suits for Season 2. This is just speculation, but a new year means new money to earn once they’ve milked the first Goseiger costumes for all their worth.

Still.. the Gokaiger costumes, weapons and footage is money also on the table that I can’t see them passing up. Power Rangers Samurai proved that Saban Brands isn’t worried about sword slasher series and the suits that come with them, so there’s no reason to believe they might be worried about the image the sword slinging pirates of Gokaiger might be too violent for their audience.

Word is Power Rangers MegaForce will have last names for the Rangers and they’ll be battling it out in a named city as well (they should call it NEO ANGEL GROVE!). Lastly word has it that the Goseiger card slinging gimmick will be a strongly promoted feature. Makes me wonder if they’ll be digging up that Ranger Strike Card Game that’s sitting out there… just waiting to be used somehow.

Lastly, at the Morphicon I asked them if they listened to the fan reaction of Power Rangers Samurai and if maaaybe some of our legitimate complaints might be addressed. I was told that “they intend to go darker” with the show… whiiiiich could mean anything. Might have been marketing speak for, “this is what fans want to hear,” or they might give the show back an RPM’esque edge that we went ga-ga for not too long ago at the end of the Disney Era. But, Power Rangers Samurai KILLED IT last year and made a lot of people a lot of money hand over fist. The really had NO REASON to change up the formula, tighten up the actor or stop the over the top silliness that Bulk and Spike brought to the show.

Only time will tell. Power Rangers MegaForce kicks off first quarter of 2013 and we’ll all be there to check out the 20th Anniversary of the series that brought a lot of us here together. Drop in to our MegaThread to let us know what you think.

See you there. 😉


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