There Has Never Been So Much Colour In Garo

Garo is anything but a brightly coloured, but as the trailer and this new poster of upcoming Garo – Dragon of the Blue Cry shows, director Keita Amemiya is taking the movie in a direction Garo has never been.

The movie revolves around Kouga fulfilling his agreement to travel to the Promised Land at the end of the Garo: Makai Senki. As we expected from earlier articles, the movie seems to be filmed largely on a green screen with emphasis on other worldly visuals. Garo has never had the highest budget, but it’s never looked cheap. t looks this time, director Keita Amemiya has been given more than enough money to create a truly unique setting from his wildest dreams.


    Cant wait until the movie comes out, seems like it’s the finale for the old cast. Just hope the new cast can live up to the feel of the first Garo series but with a new modern twist to it. And get Makoto Yokoyama and mark musashi back to help do the fight cheography for the show