Sweet Kyoryuger Scans

More Super Sentai hotness comes at us annnnd… honestly I kiiiiinda like how ugly these suits are. I always like it when Japanese designs practically challenge my senses and then through the content and how the world is used, I’m won over in spite of my initial feelings regarding suit designs. Hit the jump to see more. Kyoryuger is sit to offend our senses, and hopefully win us over, come February 17th, 2013.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashsatoshi0 Ash Satoshi

    Kyoryu Change! FIRE!!

  • Haw Yea

    Who made Keith the authority on suits being pretty or ugly? that’s right Nobody. The suits look sweet and my senses aren’t offended by cool looking suits in any way. What Does offend my senses are knockoff watered down white washed power rangers.

  • http://twitter.com/lionsandbears lionsandbears

    You DO know that every year people spend an appalling amount of time shrieking about how ugly the new suits are?

  • Haw Yea

    That is irrelevant. Kyoryuger suits look level 10 awesome.

  • anon

    Considering these guys basically run this fandom, they are the authority.

  • Haw Yea

    put the drugs down. their opinion on the suits being ugly makes the design look that much cooler to me.