Movie Edition Ranger Key Set to be Premium Bandai Exclusive


In the up coming Gokaiger VS Gobuster film, both teams set out across space and time in search of the Phantom Ranger Keys. Now you can own your very own set.

The set will contain 17 Keys in total, the Phantom Ranger keys have been confirmed to be included, as well as four Buddy Roid Keys: Cheeda Nick, Gorisaki Banana, Usada Lettuce, and Ene-tan, the rest will be secret.

Pre orders for this set open January 18th 2013, and ends in March, the set will ship out in August and will retail for a whopping 15,750 yen.

  • RyuSensei

    Already pre-ordered! Any bets on the secret keys? I’m thinking Kyoryuger and keys to fill in the blanks of the legend set.