New Ultra Act Thunder Gridman, S.H.Figuarts Linear Form, SIC PutotoTyra Photos and More!


New magazine scans shows that Den-O Linear Form will be getting an S.H.Figuarts release, hit the jump to find out more!

The scan shows Linear Form will include the Den Kamen Sword, and a Rider Pass. He will be shipping out in April, retailing for 3360 yen. A new poto of Figuarts Wizard Flame Dragon is also shown.



A side by side page gives us a look look at some of Figuarts Iron man and War Machine’s details and accessories. These photos shows that both will come with rocket boost, and firing weapon effect parts. War Machine is shown using the Ex-Wife from the end of Iron Man 2.


In other news, Ultra Act Thunder Gridman was also featured in the new wave of scans. The image shows that a dummy Ultra Act Gridman body will be included with this figure. The previously released Gridman figure itself can still be used to combine with the armour.








Finally, there’s a new photo of S.I.C OOO PuToTyra in this month’s Hyper Hobby Magazine which gives us some more info about this figure: SIC OOO PuToTyra will retail for 6500 yen and will hit store shelves this May.

SIC KT Rising Mighty & Beat Gouram

An S.I.C Kiwami Tamashi Gouram Beat Chaser was also revealed in Hyper Hobby, although only a resin proto type was shown. Other details such as release date or pricing have not been announced at the time of this article.

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