First Morph of the MegaForce Rangers!


And here it is.. morphing call and all. The first transformation of the 20th Anniversary series, Power Rangers MegaForce! It’s morphin’ time!

Earth’s defenders, NEVER SURRENDER!

  • Herro hou

    wow a knod to the first episode of the orgianal MMPR series right in the first morph. “Zordon said these morphers would give us power”……..who remembers come on….

  • Re’Nell

    Also, if you look at the cards real close, you can see “Gosei Red”, “Gosei Pink”, etc., and some of the music used the morphing sequence comes from Samurai/Super Samurai.

  • Herro hou

    yeah i just saw that they replaced the heads from the final part of goseigers henshin

  • gamergeekfather

    Wait, wasn’t the morpher supposed to say the forms? That confuses me, now the toy doesn’t make sense. Although I do like the straight-forward transformation. They’ve been getting too elaborate lately.

  • Battra

    Yeah this is going to turn into Samurai 2.0.