Ghost In The Shell: Arise


The Major is set to return later this year with a whole new look and you can find out about it now!

Recently announced mega hit Ghost in the Shell is set to return to the air some time in 2013 with it’s newest series Arise.  As of this writing, Major Kusanagi is so far the only character that has been officially released thus far. However this time the Major is sporting a new and rather younger look compaired to her previous incarnations. She has been known to use a wide variety of bodies during the runs of Stand Alone and Second Gig, however it is uknown if this is the case this time. It’s currently speculated that this show will happen at an eariler time frame in the Major’s life. While Production IG is still doing the series it has both a new head writer in Tow UbuKata (Le Chevalier D’Eon, Mardock Scramble, Heroic Age) and director in Kazuchika KISA( Blood Plus series and Evangelion Movies).  More info will be released  Feburary 12 including a special presentation of the pilot. More info will be reported as news is given and you can head over to the official website

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