Power Rangers Megaforce, Ep 1 “Mega Mission”


Nick.Com has the first episode up! Hit the jump to check it out, then pop on in to the forums to let us know what you thought!

Power Rangers Megaforce: “Mega Mission” S1
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  • http://twitter.com/betkeraaron aaron betker

    It’s so cool


    It’s so good ,it’s MEGA

  • http://twitter.com/gamergeekfather gamergeekfather

    I can talk smack on this show all I want, but I honestly enjoyed it

  • http://www.facebook.com/keithhaywardprime Keith Justice Hayward

    I’m pretty astounded that this was that good. I was ready to not like this show. :D

  • Ryuga_knight

    Can’t see It, Because I live out of the USA.

  • LiMeejSouji

    Teenagers with Attitude, even Tensou questioned it lol. It’s pretty good actually, at least they don’t turn into Ninja’s during the morphing sequence like Samurai did

  • Re’Nell

    At least Nick started at the beginning this time, but the closed captions at first said “Megamorphs” instead of “Megaforce” and “Dragonzord” instead of “Dragon Sword”.

  • Haw Yea

    lets see if i can call this show good.. has the corny script, dereputa renamed creepox, more copied sentai footage, more go go power themesong. im hoping saban just starts new after megaforce with an original show with no japanese footage or suits or mecha.


    The show is the 20th anniversary of MMPR, and what makes the first power rangers nostalgic is mostly the corniness, fun,chessy and action packed marital arts.

    The Megaforce series is mostly aimed for kids 10 and under or this generation of kids, and fans and people (some now parents) who mostly watched MMPR as part of their childhood, so the throwbacks in the show and of characters are easy to relate to and a fun tribute to the franchise good or bad.

    There will always be Japanese footage even if there’s new Japanese footage like zyu 2 footage, The show is an adaptation, it’s not by all means original most of the time anyway, the footage and the props they use from the sentai shows as always been a basis for the franchise

  • Haw Yea

    thanks for all the information i didn’t ask for. none of it makes the show good.

  • Kanji

    I think we need to wait until we’ve got more to watch before we can call it good or bad. Until then, we should withhold judgement.

  • Ben

    I agree with Kanji, we should wait a few more episodes to make a good judgement. I also agree with Henshin. Taking of the nostalgia glasses, the original MMPR was over-the-top corny, cheesy but actrion packed and child friendly. For newcomers, it may seem very dated and too kiddish but for those who remember the original MMPR, its a huge homage to the original. To character traits, locations, references to the original, PRMegaforce has a justified reason for being what it is. Critically, it doesnt make it good…..but seriously though, when has Power Rangers EVER been taken seriously?

  • http://twitter.com/TheArmyPanda Peter Panda

    Since Gosei was going to have a robot helper, they should’ve just stuck with Datas! I was hoping they’d use him! =[

  • GokaiRED

    super sentia Kicks all their butts!!

  • Random Dude

    Wow is series from the first episode is nothing but copy and paste that’s how they morph in jungle fury lol

  • poo

    It’s the next generation alpha 5 and Zordon!

  • ken

    I want to watch too . from SG :(
    can someone upload in youtube for international ppl view :)

  • tattwe

    tang ina neyo

  • Darren

    In the first episode of Mighty Morphin the rangers said that winning their first battle was “Just lucky” and were told “Luck had nothing to do with it” and The pink ranger in MM said she wasn’t sure because the helmet messes up her hair but, of course she was only joking! I thought that was nice how they paid homage to the very first. This show looks amazing!

  • Gokai Blue

    exactly, i keep thinking to myself, wow, this hardly uses american footage

  • Gokai Blue

    vote up if you noticed that when they got teleported for the first time and the lights came on in those glass cases were ranger keys from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

  • Nicolette-Nikkie Mitchell

    The Japanese footage would not be a problem if we didn’t over use like we do now. And I cannot stand the acting. I can tell that it’s fake and that the actors don’t look like teenagers. And don’t get me started on the theme song! They need to make theme songs that don’t have the MMPR theme to it.

  • Hans Job

    the card usage
    makes me feel like this is more like kamen rider than power rangers

  • adrien acosta

    the awnser to all of earth problems teenagers

  • adrien acosta

    some how the morpher size has gotten bigger in this season of power rangers