First Trailer for the New GARO TV Series: The One Who Shines In The Darkness


The moment fans have been waiting for since the early tease last year has finally come! Check out the first trailer for the new GARO TV Series, GARO ~THE ONE WHO SHINES IN THE DARKNESS~ after the jump!

In this new TV series, Ryuga takes on the mantle of the titular Golden Knight alongside two new Makai Knights. However, our hero is known as the only successor to have lost his armor’s golden radience, leaving parts of it silver. GARO ~THE ONE WHO SHINES IN THE DARKNESS~ starts broadcasting April 6th!

  • Ash Satoshi

    Keith would love this. I just know it. Not a bad thing, though. I mean seriously, it’s Garo. Only a total dumbass would hate the show.


    WOAH, this actually looks good, reminded of the very first garo season but for a new decade. Could the old man from 1:40 from the trailer be an old kouga mentoring the new generation of makai knights. If thats not him it doesnt matter and looking forward to the series

  • Charles Xavier

    No, the old guy is a Makai Priest, his name is Burai. He’s played by the same actor who played the samurai Igari Juzo in Makai Senki.


    thanks for the information, would have been cooler if he was an older kouga, still looking forward to the series

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    I can’t wait!

  • Zero Zeroson

    Hey, what if this is a fake Garo, like a clone or something? Maybe that’s why Zaruba doesn’t talk and the armor lost its shine.

  • Ash Satoshi

    Nobody can’t, buddy. Nobody can’t.