Additional Kamen Rider Battle Ride War Info and New Screenshots Released!


We have some new info for the up coming Kamen Rider Battle Ride War video game thanks to an update from ! Hit the jump to find out more.

Here’s the official preview teaser for those that may have missed it:

here’s a quick summary of what was posted on the blog, translated by board member Thunder025:

  • New Den-O and Kaixa joins the fight
  • Masahiro Inoue/Kadoya Tsukasa will lend his voice, reprising his role as Kamen Rider Decade
  • TaToba, Tajadol, Shauta, and Putotyra combos have been confirmed for OOO
  • Rising Forms have been confirmed for Kuuga
  • Regular Den-O Climax Form will be playable
  • Form changes can happen freely
  • Stages aren’t limited to specific Riders. For example, the screenshots shows Kamen Rider Wizard facing off against the Lion Imagin.
  • Sometimes, Secondary riders will help you while other times you’ll have to fight against them. The article does not specify which ones will be playable.

In addition, we have a list of bosses confirmed thus far:

  • Kuuga: N Daguba Zeba
  • Agito: El of Water
  • Ryuki: Kamen Rider Odin
  • Faiz: Horse Orphenoch
Blade: joker Undead
  • Den-O Lion Imagin
  • Decade: Super Apollo Geist
  • W: Weather Dopant
  • OOO: Kyoryu Greed
  • Fourze: Sagittarius Zodiarts
  • Wizard: Phoenix Phantom
  • Russy Bucx

    Freaking awesome. I need this game!!!

  • Thunder025

    Dark Kabuto, could you please give credits to the one that translated these (aka me)? Or at least put a link of my original post in the forums?

  • Dark Kabuto

    Done. I apologize if I offended you by not giving you the credit in the first place, mate :)

  • Thunder025

    I didn’t feel offended in any way, thank you.

  • gamergeekfather

    Is this the part where I throw money at the screen?

  • JT515

    looks awesome cant wait till it comes out