VIDEO: HENSHIN! Kamen Rider Girls!

Wizard Girl

 The Kamen Rider Girls don Rider Belts and Henshin into their namesake Riders!…sorta. Make the jump to check out the vids!






and last but not least, OOO:

  • Herman the German

    lol @ the hawk-medal

  • Clint Zim Varnam

    Kiva girl is the cutest and I laughed how she ran away.

  • Dylan Patric William Burke

    Fourze’s my favourite

  • Dylan Patric William Burke

    Fourze’s my favourite

  • Marc

    Kamen rider Den-O <3

  • Vash bane

    lolz half of them ran away XD

  • Nyan

    Why didn’t they have sound effects?

  • Erick Kurnianto Suwargo

    Girls which demonstrating Wizard, Fourze and OOO henshin pose know their henshin sequence well…

  • VAMOLAKyoryuger

    they are props they have prop belts from the show the sound effects are added later in the show.

  • JT515

    i like all of them

  • ClimaxHeroDen-O

    no, I’ve seen pictures, those are definitely the toy belts, but they’ve either been hollowed out or, more likely, have no batteries