DX OOO Driver and other Roleplay Toys Released in Korea

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 3.45.29 AM

It looks like Kamen Rider OOO merch is beginning to hit store shelves in Korea. And thanks to board member dannad for finding photos and reviews(though written in Korean) of these toys!

While this presents a good opportunity for fans and collectors that missed out, be advised that the belt has been changed so it speaks in Korean, much like DX Toys released from the last couple of years, which was done to better match the Korean dub of the show. To see the photos and video embedded in the blog, hit the link here and make the jump!

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    Um, I’m a Korean, and I gotta say It has been about 1 month.
    It has been released on Feb , 2013

    Also OCC (Ooo Combo Change) Action figures has been released, and Candroids.
    but! Korean Version of DX OOO Driver and Birth Driver and other narikiri items have toally diffrent voice from original voice from Japanese toys.

    Also, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger has released since last year.