New Ultraman: Ultraman Ginga

UltramanGingaA new Ultraman has been registered in the Japanese copyright database, IPDL, under the name Ultraman Ginga!

ApAbYZ7An upcoming event, to be held April 13 and 14, will showcase a new Ultraman hero. With the trademark, Ultraman Ginga, registered, it’s very likely that the new Ultraman is called Ginga. Movies are rarely registered through IPDL, meaning that the new Ultraman Ginga franchise might be a new TV series.

Stay tune for more information regarding Ultraman Ginga.

  • goldknight1

    YES!!!! I need to get back into the Ultraman series. I have several movies but i really enjoyed Nexus!

  • Renato

    It must be something Nexus-like for a supposed TV series. Or like Ultraseven-X.


    AWESOME can’t wait to watch ULTRAMAN GALAXY

  • Andrea Marbry

    Great! Hopefully, we’ll get a classic Heisei show like Dyna, Tiga, or Gaia!


    True. Hope to have a show like the TDG heisei trilogy era of ultraman too.

    Was also an anniversary ultraman trilogy and was the most successful reboot of the ultraman franchise in a big way which ultraman galaxy needs

  • GraDes

    Not bad…And the new UltraQ series is still in works before the Ultra Zero Fight ends!!..:D…More and more Ultras!!…Thanks Tsuburaya!!!…

  • GraDes

    Hey…Ultraman Galaxy doens’t look like a mix between Ultraman Max and Gridman in the image?…Or is my imagination?…D:

  • Battra

    Looking forward to a new Ultra, hopefully if Ginga does become series some group will translate it.

  • David Fullam

    Got to admit, I’m a little concerned. This shrinking all of the Ultras and monsters down to doll size sounds like a cheap excuse to make it a 30 minute toy commercial. Hope they surprise me.