Akibaranger Season 2 Episode 1: They’re BACK


The three delusional heroes are back again for Akibaranger Season 2!  After season one burst onto the tokusatsu scene with gusto we the fans cried out for more and our prayers were answered .  Over-Time subs has just released the first episode, so let’s take a look at what’s in store for the heroes this season!

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It starts with a bang, but also with a big question mark.  The last season ended with a hysterical battle against the end credits and ultimately the final boss (and producer of Super Sentai) Saburo Hatte.  With a resounding crash, the adventures of the self-aware delusional sentai came to a halt.  Now we get the three of them, with some very suspect frame rate tricks, fightin-…


Ahhh…there we go.  Here come three classic sentai teams…as action figures.  We’re back folks.

Back in the groove 100%, the show’s opening credits are perfect.  A “demo version” of the actual opening, it features flying sketches, test images and half finished lyrics all with that same catchy flair of Season 1’s opening.  I’ve got a massive smile on my face before I’m 4 minutes in, it feels like I’m back with old friends.  It’s the kind of feeling the long form shows these days just don’t give you thanks to the revolving door casts.  Akibaranger built a world in 12 episodes that demanded more attention, and here it is…Akibaranger Season 2!

And this is where things kind of cool off…Sadly the first half of the episode or so is a recap of the major moments from Akibaranger Season 1.  Since the entire final episode of season 1 was a recap this is a bit of a letdown.  Thankfully towards the end all is redeemed, as the true ending of season 1 is revealed at last.  They use the ending theme to Jetman with great effect, and there’s even an official “giant enemy” fight!  Although the Machine Itasha’s proportions make it the most adorable fight ever.


By the end of the episode things take a fantastic turn, completely in line with the series.  No  spoilers in these reviews folks, but I’ll say this: If you haven’t seen Akibaranger Season 1 yet go grab it from Over-time subs, and get used to the ways the plot will suddenly veer in a direction you could never expect, and completely love, all at the same time.  Akibaranger is back and stronger than ever. When the ending theme music for Jetman came in I started laughing, and the end of the episode is very, very strong.  It’s worth getting a quick refresher on the show just for the build up to the final moments, and the delightful “Sentai Wars” nod they throw in.


A few things stuck in my craw about this episode however, mostly whiny complaints like where’s Aoyagi and Moegi?  Where’s my transformation sequence? Where’s any mention of that strange looking body-pillow power up?  Lots of things are on the table at the end of season 1 episode 1, and the fact I have to wait a whole week to get into what I think will  be the “meat” of season two totally burns…but I can say with conviction that fans of the show will be on board by the time the credits roll.

Akibaranger, thankfully, wasn’t a passing fancy.  It stuck somewhere, and found a perfect little niche in the fandom.  It’s a show about shows that knew it was a show…and now it has a whole new problem to deal with in a world where the rules are made up as they go along.  Grab the subs from Over-Time here!   Next week on Akibaranger, Akagi continues to investigate a strange discovery…that the Akibarangers are somehow an official, legend status team from way back in the day!  Time appears to be turned on its head, and I’m jazzed to see where this goes from here!

And I think this is the guy who played Dr. Maki in OOO…good to see him again!



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