Transformers Go Anime Series Announced

Transformers Go

With Transformers Prime is in it’s third and final season, news of the next Transformers series is already beginning to circulate, and it seems as though Japan will be once again taking the reigns with announcement of the Transformers Go anime.

Combiners will be the theme of this series, and the robots will combine by staking ontop of one another ala Super Sentai or Transformers Energon/Super Link:

Each combiner team will be a three man group. Fighting for the Autobots, we have the Samurai Team Gattai Robo, Gokenzan and on the side of the Decpticons, the Ninja Team Gattai Robo, Gogekisou

As for the toys themselves, so far we have photos of:

G-01 Kenzan Samurai who turns into a police car:

G-02 Jinbu Samurai who turns into a jet:

and G-03 Ganoh Samurai who turns into a firetruck:

The figures will be released in mid June according to Robotkingdom.



Transformers Go will be a direct to DVD release, packed in with TV magazine releases, rather then Japan’s replacement for Transformers Prime. Interestingly, the Takara Beast Hunters figures will be released under this new line. It’s still unknown when Transformers Go will begin syndication as of this article.


  • goldknight1

    children…helping again eh?


  • Jesus Martinez

    OMG The designs are really cool

  • Auvers

    that’s in every transformers though

  • Red Mystic Ninja

    Oh my god!!! Another anime Transformers that was awesome

  • Corey Gibson

    Japan’s Transformers are always so “Super Robot-ish”.

  • Michael Payton

    Except for the Beast Wars era.

  • Michael Payton

    Except for the Beast Wars era.

  • Auvers

    and that one was nightmare fuel

  • Santaski

    Not bad, Cybertron now has its very own Aquarion Vectors.