New Gaia Memories Announced!



It seems like Bandai isn’t done with the Gaia Memories quite yet. Almost 2 years after the end of Kamen Rider W, and in a surprise announcement Bandai will be revisiting the W’s Gaia Memories with a new batch of Rider Memories in the works.


Rather then having the Kamen Rider’s face on the memory like the last batch of Rider based memories that came out( example pictured above) these new ones will have a Kamen Rider’s insignia plastered on the Memory itself. Although release info on these remains unknown, so far the following have been announced:

On the first image posted at the top of the article we have:

  • Fourze
  • PuToTyra Combo
  • Decade Complete
  • Kabuto Hyper
  • Hibiki Armed
  • Blade King
  • Kuuga Ultimate
  • V3
  • X
  • Skyrider
  • ZX
  • Black RX
  • ZO.


And on the second image posted above

  • Wizard
  • Fourze Cosmic States
  • Kiva Emperor
  • Den-O Liner
  • Faiz Blaster
  • Ryuki Survive
  • Agito Shining
  • Rider #1
  • Rider #2
  • Riderman
  • Stronger
  • Black
  • Shin,
  • J
  • Froog

    That’s the great thing about Gaia Memories – since all the electronics are self-contained, you can always make more. This is a huge difference from every other driver before or since, where the accessories just unlocked the sounds that were already encoded on the belt. ^_^

  • Herman the German

    One of the many reasons why I love the hell out of the W toyline. <3

  • Optimistic Prime

    Looks like “W” is extremely popular. Crossing fingers for a once-in-a-liftime ‘Season 2′ series.

  • D H

    No surprise really, since the series is also about to release the first of three Blu-ray boxes, after all. Nice to see irregardless though.