The Big Ten of the Returning Rangers Confirmed for Super Megaforce

the big tenFrom left to right, top then bottom:  Jason David Frank, Jason Faunt, Najee De-Tiege, Brittany Pirtle, Hector David Jr., Sean Johnson, Selwyn Ward, Danny Slavin, Melody Perkins, Reggie Rolle.

Amidst all the “Yes”, “No way” and “They didn’t invite me!”s that have been hitting the tokusatsu fan headlines, a list of the 10 currently confirmed actors/actresses who will be reprising their ranger roles on Saban’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce can be drawn up, courtesy of the Uber RangerCrew!    Unconfirmed, but with strong leaning towards “they’re in it” is Blake Foster (who so far has only tweeted about New Zealand), and Alex Heartman (who was seen on set, with no official confirmation).




How does this list work for you?  Did someone you not expect show up, or not make the cut?  Chime in here and on our forums!

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  • Joey Turner

    isn’t Casey from Jungle Fury also returning?

  • Yes


  • moviefan

    was a bit sad the other week hearing of folks not invited or declining. So its nice to hear so far who is confirmed to return. Hopefully a few more will return and its not like we need every single actor to return. But at least one member from every different series, if they are going like gokaiger and having a past ranger unlock powers for megaforce team. If they are going different route then just having them return in cameo roles in powers episodes and or a “once a ranger”/ “forever red” style teamup is what i hope for then.

  • Rangers

    I would also like to review the Rangers Disney, it’s a shame they have not been contacted


    yeah casey from jungle fury, nobody from spd, mystic force or rpm



  • TheMightyWombat23

    We need some more from the Disney Era. (I don’t know all the actors names so I will just mention characters) The rangers from Dino Thunder, Bridge, Xander and Chip, I guess Will if we need someone from Overdrive, R.J., and finally Ziggy

  • sand_man

    a lot of reds…

  • Mitchell E Hamilton

    I’m sensing a Forver Red 2, and not just a “Legend War” episode

  • Brandon Goff

    Some of the actors only care about the money. Not the fans. I think I’m done with this series.

  • Christopher Torres

    Well duh they care about the money, they’re WORKING ACTORS WHO HAVE TO PAY BILLS. They are probably already working on something, and aren’t being offered enough to pay for the trip to the shooting set, the stay at the hotel, and then the flight home to still have enough to keep money in their pockets. Remember they’re not getting a paid trip, they have to pay for the flight and hotel costs out of their own pockets.

  • Phillip Landrigan

    Wow.. I was expecting to see more people I recognized but then I realized I stopped watching this show during LightSpeed Rescue. Still, I watched this show for about the first ten years and I only recognize one guy, Tommy from the original show.

  • missylalawhite

    If they didn’t care about the fans they wouldn’t attend any type of convention. Money has always been a factor, they have families and daily lives to take care of. Sometimes what they’re being offered isn’t enough pack up and leave the country for a few days.

  • Green Hornet

    4 of My Favorites Red Lost Galaxy Ranger & Red Lightspeed Ranger & Tj Red Turbo Ranger Green Lost Galaxy Ranger.

  • Green Hornet

    I Wanna See Blake Back as Justin The Blue Turbo Ranger.

  • Green Hornet

    I Wanna See Blake Back as Justin The Blue Turbo Ranger.

  • Melanye Francisco

    Seriously, you people need to STOP spreading this rumor!! Blake Foster had to post today that he has NEVER said that he was confirmed to go back, only that he was invited. Yet, you’re having it here as him having said that he was confirmed. So basically you’re calling him a liar.

    And JDF asked people today to please not believe the rumors until himself or someone from Saban makes an official announcement.

    The ONLY person that is on the list, supposedly leaked to Fury Diamond on Ranger Crew by an ‘un-named Saban insider’ (which also makes that person unconfirmed), that has confirmed anything is Jason Faunt.

    So as moderator of JDF’s page, I’m putting this out there right now: You post this crap on his page and you’ll be banned. I’ve got my marching orders from the boss man and will carry them out.

  • Taka Dahle

    Jason Faunt himself confirmed on Facebook that he is coming back. It isn’t leaked info.

  • Terrell George

    Love don’t pay bills

  • gamergeekfather

    Why do ppl always slam actors for wanting to get paid? I bust my ass for 10 hours a day and u bet I expect a paycheck when I’m done. Does that make me a bad person?

  • Guest

    Wow you are really feeling yourself right now…

  • Battra

    Joy more Tommy, i’m sick of Tommy everyone treats him like he’s the best ranger of all. Also this feels like it’s going to “Once a Ranger” redux.

  • RyuSensei

    The most interesting thing is that, unless I’m misidentifying some people (which is perfectly possible) none of these actors had their corresponding sentai heroes represent the corresponding team in Gokaiger. This seems to be signaling a lot of PR original storytelling if not original footage. I’ve always been of the opinion that Power Rangers is at it’s best when it’s telling it’s own story so I see this as a good thing.

  • samurai5911

    I hope they bring the spd red ranger in the show
    that will be awesome!!!!!!

  • Jack Saat

    Some of the ranger actors making a ton of money thanks to their role on Power rangers years ago on con’s and other stuff some even fuel their personal projects from the Power rangers fans pockets. Refuse to return to Power Rangers to tape a maybe 10/30 secs cameo to make the fans happy they are exploiting for so long and get free travel to boot is not really that much to ask.

    This just goes for some actors NOT all of them! And Saban handled this really really bad apart of the short notices and crap email thing offer little to none pay it’s really understandably that most actors say no here. But if this was handled normally in the right way….

  • Jack Saat

    Saban was not able to find their emails in time :P

  • anonymous

    The only thing I am pissed about is that Saban just plain REFUSED to invite back many of the Disney era rangers. I don’t mind if the actors choose not to come back, but that’s just unfair to the fanbase that likes those seasons.

  • Hero Tran

    i want marrick wild force
    ryan lightspeed
    tommy mighty morphin
    jason mighty morphin

  • Naleen Phimmasone

    At least some of the guys from SPD and RPM should have been asked to return, for me those were the highlights from the Disney era.

  • Naleen Phimmasone

    I’m surprised Cole of Wildforce is not returning as his actor worked on Super Samurai.

  • taelor

    bitch shut the fuck up nobody cares what you do damn

  • martin fernandez farfan

    rocky the red dragon thunder ranger