The Big Ten of the Returning Rangers Confirmed for Super Megaforce

the big tenFrom left to right, top then bottom:  Jason David Frank, Jason Faunt, Najee De-Tiege, Brittany Pirtle, Hector David Jr., Sean Johnson, Selwyn Ward, Danny Slavin, Melody Perkins, Reggie Rolle.

Amidst all the “Yes”, “No way” and “They didn’t invite me!”s that have been hitting the tokusatsu fan headlines, a list of the 10 currently confirmed actors/actresses who will be reprising their ranger roles on Saban’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce can be drawn up, courtesy of the Uber RangerCrew!    Unconfirmed, but with strong leaning towards “they’re in it” is Blake Foster (who so far has only tweeted about New Zealand), and Alex Heartman (who was seen on set, with no official confirmation).




How does this list work for you?  Did someone you not expect show up, or not make the cut?  Chime in here and on our forums!

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