Anime Heroines Joins Forces in Super Heroine Chronicles

iV2Q0YWqe2EIhlCWRz0BCQA new crossover video game title has been announced by Bandai Namco Games. Following a similar formula to Super Robot Wars, Super Heroine Chronicles joins together heroines from 10 different animes all into a strategy RPG.
TLHAaQ29DIm5eEC4SDDjuAThe game will be developed on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita consoles and here’s the 10 anime series that have been confirmed:

  • Twin angel
  • Kyosugogiga
  • Di Gi Charat
  • Swan Song of the Valkyries: Symphongear
  • Super Sonico
  • Higurashi When they Cry
  • Aria The Scarlet Amo
  • Infinite Stratos
  • The Familiar of Zero
  • Dream Hunter Rem

In addition, there’ll be three original characters created specifically for the game shown in the bottom right corner of the 2nd magazine scan; Noel Kazamatsuri, voiced by Rina Satou, Meru Ransheru voiced by Hisako Kanemoto, and Claude voiced by Hiro Shimano.

Like with Super Robot Wars, the characters will appear during battle in a chibi-style super deformed(SD) form, and will only appear in regular full sized forms during some portions of the game. No release date has been announced thus far.

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