[UPDATE]S.H.Figuarts Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Revealed!!

SH Figuarts Pteraranger

It’s morphin time! With Figuarts Dragon Ranger hitting later this month, and Tyranno Ranger in late July, the most logical step forward was to reveal the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger! Though some may know her as Zyuranger’s Mei the Ptera Ranger. Power on and make the jump to find out more!

Mighty Morphin Pink was revealed in a leak, much similar to how the Figuarts Phoenix and Medusa Phantoms from Wizard were originally announced. As such, it is likely that Ptera Ranger will be released as a Japan only Tamashi Web exclusive. However a Bluefin release is more then likely to happen.

The rest of the Mighty Morphin/Zyuranger team was shown during a Figuarts commercial when Akibaranger Season 2 first started, and Bluefin’s twitter feed was alluding that we maybe seeing the rest of Mighty Morphin before the end of 2013. As this is a leaked image, price and release date are unknown as of this article.

As expected, Ptera Ranger has been confirmed as a web exclusive, hitting in October.

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