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(update) Legacy Dragonzord And Dragon Dagger Spotted at SDCC!!!!

By  | July 17, 2013 | News | With 25 Comments


The Dragon Zord represents a holy grail for many collectors back in the day, and now it’s been announced an updated Legacy version will be coming out in 2014!!

No photo as of yet, but the prototype was seen during Preview Night of SDCC along with a die cast dragon dagger. It was advertised that this will be able to combine with the Legacy Megazord released last year.

  • Steven Dolce

    This better be an import and NOT a Bandai America original toy.

  • Ricardo Torres

    to fit with the legacy megazord it has to be an original the 93 mold is to big for the legacy megazord

  • Chuck TheMagicman Pachucki

    why would you wish that, how would that make any sence to show off at an american con before a japanese one.

  • PT

    You realize the old molds for the Megazord and Dragonzord were probably destroyed back in the 90s, right?

  • Steven Dolce

    I don’t care. Bandai America needs to go back to the glory days. Bandai America needs to STOP forcing people to buy their cheap crap. Bandai America needs to go back to importing the DX Super Sentai Mecha toys and STOP making their own toys. And Most importantly, Bandai America needs to STOP acting like Mr. Krabs. PS: I’m NOT being melodramatic, I’m being positive. Yes, I’m a nostalgiatard. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT!?

  • Ricardo Torres

    No problem in fact i also think that the japanese dx mecha are better i was just stating a fact

  • Steven Dolce

    What has happened to Bandai America these days?

  • Ricardo Torres

    I belive it has something to do with the crisis or at least that what some youtuber said but hell their versions are crap toys with missing paint or function the only good thing from boa is the legacy megazor because diecast makes it look really good but still it isn’t nearly as good as the 93 one

  • Dark Kabuto

    Have you bought any of Bandai’s recent stuff? Because the Legacy Morpher and Gosei Morpher are both decent toys…

  • Steven Dolce

    I know. Bandai America was for the FUTURE. But they also believed in making toys that are meant for kids and adults, not just for stupid little kids that act like greedy & whiny brats! Gosh it ticks me off.

  • Steven Dolce

    I’ve got the Gosei Great Megazord (USA version), and it’s only okay.

  • Dark Kabuto

    It’s still to early to write the Dragonzord off completely, I mean c’mon we haven’t even gotten an actual photo yet. BOA’s quality HAS gotten a lot better of there years.

  • Ricardo Torres

    Bandai of Japan should be the one releasing all the power rangers stuff i mean they should do something like when konami took the yu gi oh tcg publishin rights from upper deck

  • Guest

    are you serious i mean the legacy morpher is a good toy but their mecha are not i mean look al the samurai toyline the swordfish and beetle zord can combine like in the show and the claw armor megazord and samurai gigazord have to use arms instead of emblems for the turtle and the ape

  • D H

    Well, they could do that, I’m sure. But when they do, please don’t complain when the prices double, triple, or possibly even quadruple, in order to prevent those in Japan from “reverse-importing,” since the DX Super Sentai Mecha aren’t cheap. Considering Gosei Great is $30, while JUST the Judenryu 01 is around $23-25…

    Also, please don’t complain when the increased prices mean less people buying the items, less items being imported, and an eventual disappearance of the series into obscurity.

    Seriously, this is the age of the internet. If you want the imports, import them. Let Bandai do what needs to be done to keep the series afloat, yes?

  • Steven Dolce

    Remember the DX Mougyudai-Oh from 2009′s Shinkenger? That thing was EXPENSIVE.

  • Javier Casanova

    That Dragon Dagger Green Ranger emblem, will it be possible to remove and place into the Legacy Morpher? Because if things go that way, I’ll pick it up.

  • rquinain

    I can’t tell if you’re serious or joking, because these statements are so absurd that I don’t want to believe that anyone is as self-centric as to actually post this. Nobody is forcing ANYONE to buy their “cheap crap.” You, of your own accord, are choosing to spend the money that you earn on “cheap crap.” It is absurd to say that Bandai NEEDS to do anything because if they submit to your desires, they would not survive today simply because of how the economy has changed since the nineties when they used Bandai Japan molds and what not. Times change and the decrease in quality of BoA’s toys sucks, but it’s something we’re gonna have to live with because that’s just the way the economy works. If we don’t want to live with it, then you’re more than welcome to save your money and not purchase anything that BoA releases.

  • Steven Dolce

    At least Bandai America is being owned by Mr. Krabs these days. That is just sad. Mr. Krabs is such a cheapskate. Don’t you agree? I Mean he is so cheap that he could not buy anything expensive for her daughter Pearl’s 16th Birthday.

  • Nobody in particular

    There’s a reason you don’t run a toy company…

  • http://www.yazuka.net/ Yazuka

    I must have that Dragon Dagger! I lost mine when I was young and I’ve felt like crap ever since. It was one of my favorite toys and now I have a chance to get a new version of it. I am happy.

  • Mr The Batman

    You’re thinking like a collector and not like a kid. Bandai of America streamline EVERYTHING in order to meet demand and cost. We know the Sentai stuff is considerably better than what the Western world receives, but obviously the target audience don’t mind/care.

  • Steven Dolce

    Yeah because kids these days are so greedy.

  • Steven Dolce

    Actually, the Gosei Great Megazord is as good as the original Japanese version. I give Gosei Great Megazord a 4 out of 5.

  • D H

    Haven’t had the chance to pick it up yet, so that’s good to hear.