SHOUGEKI GOURAIGAN: Storyline and Cast Members for Amemiya Keita’s Upcoming Tokusatsu Series!

Gou and Hitomi, the titular hero and heroine.

Coming this fall is a new Tokusatsu series created by Amemiya Keita, the man who presented us with GARO, and written by Inoue Toshiki, famously known for his masterpiece writing in Chojin Sentai Jetman. Said new Tokusatsu series is entitled Shougeki Gouraigan.

The story revolves around Gou and Kai Hitomi, the titular hero and heroine of Shougeki Gouraigan. Gou is a Hikaribito, a super being who possesses extraordinary powers and originates from a world called Choushinkai, whereas Hitomi is an ordinary high school who has the ability to see the Magi, a type of evil spirit roaming both the Choushinkai and the Human World.

As the convoy general of the Hikaribito, Gou was transporting the captured Kageribito, super beings who commit crimes among the Hikaribito, on his tortoise shell ship Punba one day when he met with a tremendous attack by the Magi, causing his ship to crash into the Human World. He also received a message from Choushinkai’s peak, Shinkaiou, that a mysterious army of a thousand soldiers will attack the Human World and their arrival is to be expected in 100 days. Unable to get help, Gou decided to gather up the Kageribito, who has successfully escaped due to the crash, and recruit them to be part of his Hikaribito Army to prepare for the ultimate battle.


Shinkawa Yua as Kai Hitomi, the heroine.

Shinkawa Yua, mostly known to Toku fans for her guest role as Pink Buster in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, will portray the heroine, Kai Hitomi. Hitomi is an ordinary high school student who possesses the ability to see the Magi’s appearance. Hardworking and a Plain Jane, this ability of hers causes problems in her daily life, especially when it comes to making friends, causing her to despise said ability.


Kato Takahiro as Gou, the titular hero.

Portraying the titular hero of Shougeki Gouraigan is Kato Takahiro and this will mark his first drama lead role. Gou is straight-forward and hot-blooded. A man who is easily moved to tears yet has a habit of voicing what’s inside his heart. A hero filled with courage and justice.


Asaoka Megumi as Obaa-chan.

Another main cast member is Asaoka Megumi, who will portray the heroine’s grandmother. She owns a recycling shop known as Alps Hall, which is located along the Neko Matagi Shore. A kind old lady who hires the mysterious Hikaribito to work part-time at her shop. Although she talks in a gyaru manner, she’s reliable and trusted by the people around her.


Shimegi Enoku as Rai.

Other characters include Gou’s ally, Rai, portrayed by Shimegi Enoku and the mysterious female detective, Akiko, will be portrayed by Rio. Other cast members include Yamamoto Shouma (Taiga Noboru/Kamen Rider Saga, White Knight Dan), Takahashi Takuro, Seino Nana, Kasuya Nami, Nezumi Senpai, Hirose Tomoki, Hatakeyama Ryo and many others.


Rio as Akiko.

Shougeki Gouraigan will air this coming fall. Air dates and channel are yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned for more information!

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