First Preview of S.H.Figuarts Delta, Ride Shooter, and Denbird!

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Delta

The latest round of magazine scans from the newest Hobby Japan magazine gives us a look at some impending Figuarts releases! The images reveal that Kamen Rider Delta from Faiz/555 will be getting a Figuart in addition to Den-O’s DenBird and Ryuki’s Ride Shooter.

SH Figuarts Den-Bird & Ride Shooter

S.H.Figuarts Delta appears to be a mass retail release, joined along side Ultra Act Ultraman Zero Renewal and Figuarts Agito Burning Form, he will retail for 3675 yen in December.

Meanwhile, we still don’t have any release information for either of the Figuarts bikes.

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