Kamen Rider TV Special Tsukasa Returning!


As previously confirmed, the Kamen Rider TV specials will feature the new Hero Gaim. Not only that, they’ll also feature all the other main Heisei Riders, from Kuuga to Gaim!

These specials will be airing September 22 and 29. Wizard travels to the world of magic stones and meets the fearsome ruler, Amadam. In order to protect the world, Wizard calls for help from not only Gaim, but all the other previous Heisei Riders.

These episodes will be written by Sho Aikawa and are counted as Wizard’s 52nd and 53rd episode.

up116360[1]Even Masahiro Inoue will be reprising his role as Kamen Rider Decade. Amadam is the creator of all monsters, and has a human form. In order to save the day, Wizard uses the Legend Rider Rings to call for help.

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  • Anon+

    Shin, ZO & J are not in this. So it’s not ”all” Heisei Riders.

  • DJ Kidna

    Shin, ZO and J are not considered a part of the Heisei Riders. At best they’re usually considered a transition from Showa to Heisei. Heisei Riders and Showa Riders each have particular themes and tropes that they stick to, while the 90s Riders are very much standalone.

  • DecaEnd

    Yes, while those Riders came out during the Heisei period, Toei’s official statement labels them as Showa Riders. Same as RX that aired mainly throughout Heisei.

  • epndkempot


  • lionsandbears

    “Even” Masahiro Inoue? He’s been back every time Tsukasa is wanted. It’d be more of an “even” were it Takeru Satoh.

  • Chris Jutting

    Why does Decade keep returning for these but not the more recent riders. I can understand older ones like Kuuga and Agito, but not even OOO or W can show in person?

  • http://www.kertasmerah.my/ Kertas Warna Merah

    really miss you kamen rider decade!! haha


  • Keith Justice Hayward

    It’s funny how ho-hum Wizard was, but it is getting an all out blow out for a finale. :D

  • shaowebb

    Have Wizard repair Ankh’s coin and I will be happy for the closure.

  • Chuck Siatou Vang

    Finally. I’ve been waiting for something like this. The Showa Riders always did this near the finales of their own episodes.

  • Christian William M

    onoreii dikeidoo!

  • D H

    Really? Eiji’s been in, as far as I can remember, every single Movie Wars since his cameo in W’s movie, including the recent Wizard/Fourze…

  • Jarred Cox

    I wasn’t really into Wizard, but I’m excited for the finale. Tsukasa is back!

  • Hamuta

    Double’s suit in the first picture looks unexpectedly cheap. As if it’s different from the usual. The abs section… it’s more homogeneous in normal visuals (look at all the other picture of double). Here it feels like they put a piece of cloth where it should have been more shell like.

  • Joshua Cuyos

    I’m guessing Masahiro Inoue really loves his role as Tsukasa Kadoya, eh? In yo’ face, Narutaki! :P

    And poor Fourze in the 2nd picture…….

  • akaisuisei

    all you need is faiz accel and kabuto clock-up together, game over

  • imutau

    I’d be excited if the actors for Kamen Rider W Ren Kiriyama and Masaki Suda were back. Those guys are too funny. Masahiro Inoue tries too hard to be like Mizushima Hiro (Kamen Rider Kabuto) for my taste. Ryuta Tasaki would be nice to see but I’d prefer Momotaros and the other imagins more.

  • imutau

    Decade because he is more or less the poster boy for the Heisei Riders as he is the one that meets with every Heisei Rider at some point in time as his series progressed. Maybe not among the fans though as some arguments could be made for Den-0 as he probably has the most spin off movies than any other Heisei Rider. Why 000′s keeps showing up is beyond me? Maybe because he brings along Ankh which I found a much more fun character than the main rider.