New Super Robot Wars OG: Infinite Battle Will Be A Fighting Game


Typically, Banpresto’s Super Robot Wars franchise has always been a Strategy RPG featuring Super Deformed versions of mecha and sprite attack animation. But the latest entry into the Original Generation series: Super Robot Robot Wars OG: Infinite Battle throws this tradition out the window by making it an action brawler akin to Bandai’s Gundam VS series.


Infinite Battle isn’t the next chapter of the OG saga and in fact it appears that the game won’t have any kind of story at all. Players will be able to duke it out in fights ranging from 1 vs 3, 2 vs 2, and of course 1 vs 1 match ups. The scans also mention something involving a weapon modification system. Unlike a traditional SRW game these mechas will be to scale with one another!

Thus far, magazine scans have confirmed that the following mecha will be among the game’s roster:




Alt Eisen Riese


Soul Gain


Gespenst Mk.2

Fairlion Type S


And finally:



Super Robot Wars OG: Infinite Battle is due out this November on the Playstation 3. A Limited Edition will be available for 8,980 yen and a standard  version will cost 7,480 yen.


The first PV Trailer has been released! And man does this game look epic:

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