This is the real deal folks. Kamen Rider and other tokusatsu programming is headed to the U.S. OFFICIALLY. Toei Japan Channel, a new internet streaming pay channel coming this month, is originally a dedicated offering for the US’s four hundred thousand Japanese residents, but in about a year’s time will begin airing programs with English subtitles.

From Yasuhiko Nakashima of Toei’s International Sales Division:

“Because of the current interest in ‘Cool Japan’ we saw an opportunity to show off our tokusatsu hero shows. In the future we’d like even provide the series almost as they air in Japan.”


  • Dessa

    I think part of the post is missing.

  • goldknight1

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve read in YEARS

  • Zero1109

    …….. F(*&^%$# YEAH !! XD

  • Darth Slacker

    Please get them to start Airing & Subbing “AKBingo” – get Idol culture flowing in USA!!!

  • Joshua Cuyos

    Awesome! Hoping DVD’s of the older tokusatsu series with English subs will be released soon!

  • Mon Ritche Bacero

    This is either good news or bad news, if you are outside of America and Japan.

  • Arthur Borko

    I hope I dont have to pay extra to get it on Cablevision!

  • Anon

    Might be worth mentioning that this is an online channel, not a regular cable channel

  • Keith Justice Hayward

    Left in a piece from an earlier draft… ^__^;

  • Me

    Why do need to pay for it?

  • Alexander Bulgin

    If Toei Japan bring Tokusatsu to Latin America that would be awesome too

  • Kelley

    no AKB please ty

  • David Earl Jalijali

    i hope they also do the same here in the philippines

  • mattwo

    What a time to be broke…

  • Michael Quade

    I’d rather see some classic idols, ty

  • Steven Daycak

    I’m wondering what’s gonna happen with TV-Nihon should this go through….I’m sure they would be much more aggressive with their lawyers if they were trying to make money off of subs in the states

  • Ill Bill

    no idols ty

  • Ryan Neely

    Because it costs money to make.

  • Guest

    AKBingo is not even made by toei.

  • Battra

    Nice Hopefully the subscription price won’t be too ridiculous.

  • Sebastian Rosemann

    Generally a good thing. I certainly hope for Metal Heroes and Ultraman shows but it might change the fansubbing community as we know it though. Oh, and beeing able to get it outside of the U.S would be awesome, too.

  • Billyman Gilson

    Dude, I’d rather pay a meager amount every month than to get cable again. Cable and I have parted ways and I’d like to stay that way.

  • Brent Enloe

    you know, i WAS excited for this channel… but then i saw it’s a pay channel… and i remembered i dont have digital cable

  • Michael Tisdale

    It’s an INTERNET pay channel, you won’t be watching it through a cable/Satellite box.

  • Brent Enloe

    still a pay channel though :(

  • Dan Mastriani

    There are a handful already available. Check out, for instance. They’re technically only licensed for Hawaii, but it’s legit and they ship to the rest of the country.

  • Shin


  • wohdin

    Sentai or bust.

  • Zachary Ortiz

    TV-Nihon and their shitty subs will go under and Takenoko-sama-tachi-sempai-dono will finally disappear from the tokusatsu community.