Price of American Toei Japan Channel & Details


Earlier we reported that TOEI was going to be bringing tokusatu to your shores via IPTV on what they’re calling Toei Japan Channel. Courtesy of @purplevalkyrie on Twitter, we’ve received details that this new channel will launch on MyGlobeTV. Here is the press release:

Today our company announces the Toei Japan Channel, a subscription service aimed for Japanese living in North America.

It will be available through MyGlobeTV, provided by GlobeCast, a New York-based company that provides non-English programming across North America. (This service is not available outside North America.)

Toei Japan Channel will not only deliver Toei’s films and television programming, but also those available on Toei Video and from Central Arts K.K. (a Toei Video company), bringing a variety of content to viewers in North America.



According to the MyGlobeTV website, the subscription will cost $19.99 per month.

Let us know if you’ll be able to get it in your area and what you think of it once you have it!

  • reader

    the link at the bottom of the article is missing “.com” ^^;

  • xero42

    20 bucks a month and no option for subtitles UGH

  • Jay Wilson

    Well, this sucks as it will not be available in the UK

  • Karl Roosa

    Looks like you either need to pay $99 for equipment or sign up for 2 years to wave that. Have to see what all is offered, and what all eventually is shown subbed.

  • Darkproject

    Once they offer english subtitles they will have my money. Will miss fansub but I want it legally if they offer it so they know we’re an audience.

  • Ryan Williams

    people, don’t complain about the price, you have to think of this as a long term investment, if the American Toku fans show our support with this we can show them there is a market and the subs will come faster, we all need to by subscriptions on day one

  • Ryan Williams

    you don’t need the box, it says you can use the mobile app, although I don’t know what things offer it