Ultraman Rewarded In The Guinness Book of World Records 12 Years Running


Being around for almost fifty years, the Ultraman franchise has claimed the first in many things; in 2001 the series was awarded the Guinness Book of World Records for most amount of television spin offs. In 2013, the record has continued to be upheld for a total of 12 years.

In the 2014 edition of the book, Ultraman is listed as having the world record for the most spin-offs; a distinction it was first awarded in 2001. The list ranks up to an impressive 27; this excludes remakes(Heisei Ultra Seven), one off specials (movies), summaries(so no Retsudan) and home releases(so ignoring everything involving Ultraman Zero completely). Although technically many of the shows were not originally meant to be sequels as such, they were retconned to be in a single multiverse.

Takuya Negishi, Ultraman Ginga, attended the award giving in front of an assembly hall of fans, posing photos with other in suit Ultramen. He said it was “a joy” and “I didn’t think I could be any happier after starring in Tsuburaya’s 50th year anniversary Ultraman. But I was wrong! I’m so incredibly happy!

Addressing the assembly hall, he went onto say “I’m deeply moved to have been able to participate in this wonderful ceremony. Seeing so many happy faces makes me thankful. I’ll do my best from here on.

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A short video of the presentation ceremony has been posted on the Tsuburaya youtube channel.


  • Shynilyte

    Wait, just 27? Shouldn’t Sentai beat it, then?

  • Vincent Dawn


  • TheBattra

    They’re not counting Ultra Q either by the looks of it.

  • Gary

    Super Sentai is on 37 right now with Kyoryuger. 38 with the new one announced. I also don’t think that 37 counts Akibaranger either.

  • BrianRommel

    Might have something to do with what is considered a spinoff. and whether the 37 succeeding series after gorangers are considered spinoffs. Its debatable when Super Sentai really started. yes Gorenger was started in 1975 and followed up by JAKQ then nothing Battle Fever J was originally something else and not even related to Sentai it was a originally intended to be a captain america type show co-produced by marvel called captain Japan. Its follow up Denziman was the first since Gorenger to have sentai in the name. It would be years before the two would be considered part of the same series SunVulcan I was a direct continuation of Denziman with new heroes.

    So the debate is whether these shows are merely spinoff or just part of the same Thematic series. If anything was considered a spin-off its akibaranger.

    Frankly thats just my guess.