Writer On Why Kamen Rider Decade Returned In Wizard


Writer, Sho Aikawa, explains as to why Kamen Rider Decade made his return to this Sunday mornings Super Hero Time segment this week on episode 52 of Kamen Rider Wizard.

Directly from his twitter

It all started with a near impossible request that goes like “Can’t we at least invite back one senior Rider?” but the producer claimed that “If it’s not the original Kuuga or Fourze, it’s meaningless.” it concluded with “Or it could be Decade.” and so, we put so much effort into the schedule and budget. Hence, this is what will happen next week.

The likelihood of Joe Odagiri ever considering coming back to Rider is next to impossible, while AU version Ryouta Murai is busy with a television drama at the moment.

The finale of Wizard is this coming Sunday.

  • casval0287

    so sounds like they half assed it. great. will we ever get a straight up logical ending for Decade?

  • James Harris

    More importantly… why is Fourze so important besides being the bridge to Wizard? Hell bring back the original Faiz or Blade I say!

  • cartoon460

    why not kuuga since he is the first rider of the hensai series.

  • Navy Joker

    they did manage to bring original Blade in KR Decade. Original Faiz is great! All the AU Riders look like a weakling to me and bunch of wannabe original rider, lol

  • UkiyaSeed

    But Joe is willing to return for a Kuuga movie… if the original Kuuga crew is involved in it. So yeah, it’s quite impossible right now.

  • bioburn

    what a shame =<

  • Erick Garcia

    where can i go to watch wizard and most other kamen riders i missed? is their a website for this where i can find the videos subbed?

  • Auvers

    It makes sense because he was the previous series. Also Blade and Faiz ended so conclusivley unless you mean AU Faiz (who was interested in AU Faiz?) and Blade I guess was the same actor in Decade but it wouldn’t make much sense.

  • Maha Natsu

    Decade.the king of kamen rider forever xP

  • Chaseng Vang

    What another den-o, decade movie?

  • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

    Let’s see how many original rider’s actors are possible to be invited back:

    Kuuga – Impossible
    Agito – Possible
    Ryuki – Possible
    555 – Possible
    Blade – Possible
    Hibiki – Impossible
    Kabuto – Impossible
    Den-O – Impossible
    Kiva – Not likely
    Decade – Apparently, it’s possible
    W – Possible
    OOO – Possible
    Fourze – Not likely

    When I put “impossible”, that’s because the actors have become so famous that it’s impossible for a Toku show to bring them back. The only exception is Hibiki’s Shigeki Hosokawa. Given the drama surrounding the Hibiki between he and the studio, I doubt he will be willing to come back.

    As for the “not likely”, they are those rising stars that their management companies wouldn’t want them to go back to Toku.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

    He will be willing, probably only when the movie is done in a more serious way and has a big budget.

  • Anon

    I don’t think what he said 15 years ago still stands.

  • None

    http://www.gooddrama.net/ just search for kamen rider all of bunch since the time of kuuga

    of course it’s a video subs ;)

  • Twisted_Edge

    Really? He DID attend the staff reunion in 2008. He loves his role as Kuuga and the staff.


  • Owain Dark

    To put it lightly, Joe Odagiri (The actor who played Yusuke Godai) sees toku as being beneath him at this point. As far as I know, he doesn’t regret being Kuuga, but definitely won’t be reprising the role any time soon.

  • Owain Dark

    I care about AU Faiz, since he was actually likable.

    And Kenzaki would make some sense since the special episodes are being written by Blade’s head writer.

  • xSHiNOx

    Original Kuuga will not come back because the actor says so. He HATES Kamen Rider. The actor that played Kuuga in Decade is too busy.

  • Auvers

    i don’t remember him doing anything worthy of talking about but okay (I haven’t seen decade since 09 so I really have nothing to say to that). I liked 555 Takumi (when he was actually acting like his normal self, I.E. stand offish jerk). After a few episodes he just slips being “nobody” and he only bounces out of it for occasional comedic interactions with others, but that’s Inoue writing for you. Also I don’t get how the (replacement) head writer for one series writing these two episodes would make that make sense, unless Kenzaki’s actor has some kind of friendship with aikawa and would call in a favor but I’ve never heard this at all.

  • Sean Loftus

    That’s actually false. Those rumors blew up from him saying he was “tired” from Kamen rider Kuuga into saying he was tired of shows like it in general. In reality he and Toei have both mentioned Joe is unsuited for action and physically intensive acting work. It was a miracle they convinced him to consider the original role at all, let alone take it. But he says he loves Kuuga as a show and has fond memories from working on it.

  • Sean Loftus
  • Owain Dark

    My affection for AU Faiz mostly comes from comparing him to the Faiz from the show. I did not like anybody on that show (As far as the characters go. I’m sure the actors are all nice people,) and I hated Takumi in particular because of that aforementioned standoffish jerk attitude. He spent most of the show acting like he’d rather sit and mope than save people (although he still saved people anyway because otherwise there’d be no show). That puts him at approximately my least-favorite Rider of all time, a title he’s not likely to ever lose. Decade!Takumi was committed to the whole Rider gig, which is an automatic improvement in my book.

    And Kenzaki makes sense purely because of the writer connection. Though I’ve heard his actor would be willing to reprise his role for bus fare and a sandwich (Hyperbole, obviously) because of how big of a Rider fan he is

  • Auvers

    I think the characters were the most likable things about Faiz. For comedy moments and overall chemistry between them. Too bad inoue didn’t just concept them and be dragged back the insane asylum he came from.

  • Niero Auditore

    You Know, is there a possibility that KR Decade or another Decade type of Rider might be the 20th Rider?